Full Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Now Online!


Star Wars fans now have the chance to get their biggest peek at the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon. Disney and Lucasfilm have put online two trailers for the cartoon – one that’s 40 seconds and another that’s 60 seconds – showing off the new heroes and the new villains of course! The heroes consist of the former Jedi Kanan, […]

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Entertainment Weekly Give First Look at SDCC Black Series Jabba the Hutt with Hookah & Salacious Crumb


Who doesn’t want a giant space slug on their toy shelves? Entertainment Weekly has now posted our first full look at the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Black Series 6 inch scale Jabba the Hutt figure with his lizard-monkey court jester, Salacious Crumb, and his iconic hookah pipe! While it’s been suggested that Jabba the Hutt himself may come to […]

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Star Wars Rebels Trailer Preview


Tomorrow, May the 4th, is international Star Wars Day and to celebrate, Disney and Lucasfilm will be giving fans a look at the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels cartoon! If you can’t wait for that, the Star Wars YouTube channel have posted a preview of the trailer, giving fans a glimpse at some of the new characters in […]

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BotCon 2014 Cannonball Revealed!


Transformers Collectors’ Club members have already gotten a chance to view the BotCon 2014 Cannonball review thanks to its publication in the Club Magazine. But now everyone can see it! The BotCon.com website has been updated with a look at the vehicle and robots modes for this figure – or rather mock-ups of the figure – as well as a […]

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