Cobra Commander, leader of Cobra, visits Springfield to receive key to the city

He looks trustworthy...

Fun Publications continue to have fun with the location for G.I. JoeCon 2015 – Sprinfield, Il. What started with three videos featuring Robert Atkins and Cobra’s “take-over” of various recognizable establishments around Springfield (Read on to watch all three videos) have now led to the city’s Mayor J. Michael Houston giving the key to the city to Cobra Commander! Cobra Commander, […]

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What is going on in Springfield, Illinois?!?


Action figure reviewer Optibotimus has received a video from Springfield, Ill that G.I. Joe fans might be interested in. The video shows a man (Robert Atkins) walking into a local dry cleaner only to be come face to face with a somewhat unusual sight… What is going on in Springfield, Illinois? Read on to to see the video. You can […]

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