Two More New Images of Hero-X Go Shooter


Hero-X have updated their website with two new images of the upcoming Transformers Generations mook exclusive Go Shooter figure! The first image is artwork of Go Shooter as well as Shuta Go done up in a style very reminiscent of the Masterforce cartoon. The second image is another photo of the toy, this time in an action pose. Thanks to […]

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New Image of Hand-Painted GoShooter Sample from Hero-X/Million Publishing


At this point, we’re sure most of you Transformers fans are familiar with the Hero-X/Million Publishing fan vote to decide the next Transformers Generations mook exclusive figure. And that you’re also familiar with the news that GoShooter from Masterforce won the most votes… Now how would you like to see the hand-painted sample created for the winner? Courtesy of Autobase […]

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