Transformers Cloud Hot Rodimus Now Shipping

Hot Rodimus Sword

Months ago, the Transformers fandom was buzzing when eHOBBY and Takara Tomy Toy Mall first revealed their plans to make an exclusive Hot Rod/Rodimus redeco of the Generations Springer mold. And now the wait to add the figure to shelves is almost over! Reports are coming in of shipping notices for the Transformers Cloud Hot Rodimus figure, so start watching […]

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Images of TFSS 2.0 Fisitron in Box


The Transformers Collectors’ Club have tweeted out images of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service Fisitron (Ironfist) exclusive in box. The intent of the images is to show off an added layer of foam inside the box meant to prevent any kind of damage, such as the paint wear that happened on a few of the TFSS 1.0 Scourges and Circuits. […]

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Free Shipping on Transformers Figures from Hasbro Toy Shop


To help celebrate Cybertron Monday and the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction toys online, Hasbro Toy Store are now offering free shipping on all Transformers orders! They have a number of the Age of Extinction toys available, including some of the Wave 2 action figures such as Voyager Hound an Galvatron! Free Standard Shipping on Transformers products currently for […]

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TFSS 2.0 Shipping Update


Fans have been waiting eagerly for their Transformers Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figures to arrive in the mail… And unfortunately they will be waiting just a little bit longer. Fun Publications, organizers of the Transformers Collectors’ Club have sent out a message stating that the figures are now on a boat crossing the ocean. So they are on the […]

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