Full Timelines #10 Comic Creative Team to Be In Attendence at BotCon 2014


BotCon have just tweeted out that the full creative team responsible for the 2014 convention comic,  Timelines #10 “Hoist the Flag”, will be in attendance at this year’s convention. So love the story or hate it, you know that you can have your jeers and cheers heard by the creators themselves… The creative team consists of Marty Isenberg (story), Jesse […]

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BotCon 2014 Comic Panel Previews


So far it seems the pirates of the BotCon 2014 Pirates vs. Knights set have been getting most of the attention, but BotCon have now tweeted out two preview panels from the convention comic featuring Devcon and Ginrai from the Cybertronian Knights! The comic is drawn by Japanese artist Hayato Sakamoto, who Transformers fans may remember from his Takara Tomy […]

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