Cartoon Network Announces US Premiere for Transformers Robots In Disguise


March 14th at 6 PM EST. Write that date and time on your calendars as that is when Cartoon Network will begin showing Transformers: Robots in Disguise in the US! The show will then slide to its regular time slot at 6:30 AM the following week, March 21st. To go along with the announcement, there’s also a new video with the […]

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Rescue Bots Season 3 Premiere TWEET-A-THON Tomorrow Morning!


Tomorrow morning as you sit down to watch the 2-episode premiere of Transformers Rescue Bots Season 3 on Discovery Family, make sure you also have your phone or laptop tuned to Twitter. Rescue Bots writer/director/co-creator Brian Hohlfeld will be holding a TWEET-A-THON during the episodes’ broadcast, no doubt revealing tons of behind-the-scenes goodies and crazy stories of antics that went on […]

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Reminder – Season 2 Of Rescue Bots Begins Today at 1pm EST!


For those Transformers Rescue Bots fans out there, don’t forget that the new season of the show premieres this afternoon at 1 pm Eastern! And it does so with a bonus episode! “Road Trip” airs at 1pm, and “Sky Forest” will be on during its regular time slot at 1:30pm. When the episodes air, make sure to stop by our […]

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