Sushi Sentai Released in Japan


In all of the Comic-Con 2014 news, a little bit of news from Japan was skipped – Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa/Sushi Sentai toy line has been released in Japan! The actual release date was two days ago – July 23rd (or the 24th in Japan due to timezones) – and the initial release included just the main 5 heroic […]

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New Images of Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa (Transforming Sushi) – *Update* Full Waves 1 and 2 Revealed by BBTS!


New images of Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa toy line are now on Toy Dojo. The new images seem to show that the final toys vary a little from the original samples, giving the robot warriors individual legs and a bit more articulation. While the line of replica sushi that converts into robot warriors isn’t officially under the Transformers brand […]

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Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa (Transforming Sushi) Scheduled For Release Next Month


It has been a good long while since we’ve last heard about Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa – almost a year in fact as the toy line of robots disguised as sushi was originally shown at International Tokyo Toy Show 2013. However, word has now come out that the toys will finally be released at Japanese retail next month at […]

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