Transformers Hall of Fame 2014: Call for Nominees!!


It’s that time of year again! Hasbro are sending a call out to Transformers fan sites across the globe to poll their readers for the next inductees for the Transformers Hall of Fame! As usual we will be sending a list of the top 5 nominees as decided by you our users, and then Hasbro will reveal their top 5 […]

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“Transformers Age Of Extinction” One Step Action Figures Promotional Images


Movie years for Transformers always bring with them a new, wide array of innovative gimmicks introduced to the toy line. In the past we’ve had Fast Action Battlers, Gravity-Bots, Bash Bots, Go-Bots… The list goes on. For the fourth installment of the film series, one of the gimmicks the toy line will be receiving is “One Step”. As the name […]

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More Product Listings for Takara Tomy’s “Transformers Age of Extinction” Toy Line


We’ve all seen Hasbro’s product from Transformers Age of Extinction, but what will Takara Tomy bring to the table in addition to their wonderfully wacky movie legacy figures? It seems like the answer to that is paint! And movie accuracy! As some fans have lamented, the Hasbro figures look like, well, the toys that they are. Bright colors and an […]

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More Images of In-Package Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product


Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, more dinosaurs…and a Samurai. For those looking to get more of a glimpse at the upcoming companion toys to this Summer’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Ragin’ Nation Facebook page have posted even more images of in-package product! Now up are images of Deluxe Drift, Deluxe Scorn, Deluxe Strafe, Leader Optimus Prime, Leader Grimlock, and another view of […]

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In Package Images for Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product


Want more Age of Extinction toy news? You’ve got it! The Ragin’ Nation have uploaded a series of in package images of assorted Transformers 4 movie toys onto their Facebook page. The images include Deluxe Class Dinobot Slash, Voyager Autobot Hound, Voyager Autobot Hound out of package, Voyager Galvatron, and 1 Step Changer Decepticon Stinger. While the images are a […]

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In Hand Images of “Age Of Extinction” Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Grimlock


Movie Optimus Prime in Generation 1 Optimus Prime’s alternate mode is something that fans have been asking for since rumors of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie. And now with the fourth film coming this summer, fans can actually get their wish! ChErikS of the 2005 boards has posted a pictorial review of the Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime figure […]

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New TRU Exclusives – Then and Now Optimus Prime, MP Prowl, MP Sunstorm?


We’ve all read the rumors and speculation about possible upcoming Masterpieces from Hasbro including Toys R Us exclusive versions Masterpiece Prowl and Sunstorm. Well now 2005 Boards member Icespark has found a series of apparently internal Toys R Us images showing those two exclusives as well as a 2-pack of Optimus Prime toys called “Then and Now”. This 2-pack shows […]

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Transformers 4 Viral Marketing Campaign Site


A new viral marketing site has gone up for the upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction movie! The site offers the warning “Transformers are Dangerous” with a weathered image of Optimus Prime. It also encourages to spread this message across social media by sharing the image. Click here to see the site

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Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Riders Wave 2 Gallery

Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Riders Wave 2 – Crosshairs, Autobot Hound.  

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Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Riders Wave 1 Gallery

Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Riders Wave 1 – Bumblebee, Autobot Drift, Lockdown, Optimus Prime.  

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