Madman Exclusive Covers for Cybertron DVD Sets


Plunging back into the waters of the Unicron Trilogy is something that both Shout! Factory and Madman have been doing recently. It appears, though, that Madman has dredged up something a little unique for their releases. Teaming up with well-known Transformers artist Marcelo Matere, the Australian DVD company now presents fans with two exclusive DVD covers for their Transformers: Cybertron […]

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Madman set to Release Transformers Prime Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD


Here’s some great news for all of you Transformers Prime fans in Australia! Madman has just announced a Season 2 box set and Season 3 Vol. 1 for the show on DVD. The Season 2 set of course contains all episodes from the season, while Season 3 Vol. 1 – titled “Battle For Darkmount” – has the first four episodes […]

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