Combiner Wars Lio Kaiser In-Hand Photo Gallery!!



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Thanks to an anonymous source, The Allspark has the privilege to present to you the first in-hand images of the upcoming Entertainment Earth Exclusive: Transformers Combiner Wars Lio Kaiser!! The in depth photo shoot gives us our best look yet at these wonderful remolds in both vehicle and robot modes! Enjoy the photo gallery below then join in the discussion […]

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New Images Reveal Combiner Wars Computron and Liokaiser!



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What seems like a crazy day of leaks and reveals, comes what looks to be confirmation of Hasbro’s plans for Combiner Wars Computron and Liokaiser.  Computron looks to be comprised of the single release CW Scattershot (no word on any changes, but the combined mode still uses the Superion head), TakaraTomy’s Deluxe Groove (with what looks like retooling) as Afterburner, […]

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2015 Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Closed –’s Results


Our voting for our submissions to the 2015 Transformers Hall of Fame are now closed and the results have been submitted to Hasbro. So to whom did we give the nod? Here are our results thanks to your votes! Favorite Character: (1) Optimus Primal, (2) Blackarachnia, (3) Sky-Byte Best Combiner: (1) Lio Kaiser, (2) Devastator, (3) Rail Racer Best Musical […]

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