New items in the TCC store – Cloud Megatron, Cloud Optimus Prime, TFSS 2.0 Figures


The official Transformers Collectors’ Club have sent word that they’ve listed new items in the Club Store. The new listings include five new figures – Transformers Cloud Optimus Prime, Transformers Cloud Megatron, TFSS 2.0 Month 1 Figure Barricade, TFSS 2.0 Month 2 Figure Fisitron, TFSS 2.0 Month 4 Figure Thrustinator, as well as issue #58 of the TCC Club Magazine! […]

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Images of TFSS 2.0 Fisitron in Box


The Transformers Collectors’ Club have tweeted out images of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service Fisitron (Ironfist) exclusive in box. The intent of the images is to show off an added layer of foam inside the box meant to prevent any kind of damage, such as the paint wear that happened on a few of the TFSS 1.0 Scourges and Circuits. […]

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