Human Alliance Barricade and Soundwave Re-Release from Transformers Asia

Barricade & Soundwave 2-pack

For most fans, the Human Alliance versions of Barricade and Soundwave from the live action movie toy lines were not only the best representations of the characters, but also a couple of the best figures from Human Alliance. Unfortunately, though, both came at the tail end of product lines making both a bit difficult to track down…until now! Transformers Asia […]

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Hasbro Asia Exclusive APS-03 Human Alliance Barricade & Soundwave Two Pack



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It’s been a while since Hasbro Asia (through their TakaraTomy label) has released or announced any exclusive product.  Following up their MP-11SW Masterpiece Skywarp announcement, Hasbro Asia has also announced they are releasing a 2 pack of Human Alliance Barricade and Soundwave!

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