How To Ride Your Dinobot Chapters 2 and 3 Now Online


Previously we had told you about Chapter 1 of Hasbro’s “How to Ride Your Dinobot” web cartoon series, now Chapters 2 and 3 are also online! The series of cartoon shorts is a humorous look at the Autobots trying to learn how to ride the various Dinobots – Chapter 1 features Bumblebee and Strafe, Chapter 2 Optimus Prime and Grimlock, […]

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How to Ride Your Dinobot Instructional Video


Just how do the Autobots ride the Dinobots in the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction movie? Well it wasn’t easy as they first had to go through a rigorous training course. But don’t worry, Hasbro have now updated their Transformers YouTube channel with the same series of instructional videos that the Autobots watched so that you too can learn how […]

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