Hong Kong Toys R Us Master Sword Giveaway



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Toys R Us Hong Kong is giving away 100 Master Swords with the purchase of a Titans Returns Fortress Maximus.  This special promotion features a recolored version of the sword included with the SDCC exclusive Fortress Maximus.  What’s note worth is the deco on the sword is much more extensive than the SDCC version, matching the original Japanese G1 Fortress […]

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SDCC 2014 – Hasbro teams up with Nuclear Blast, ESP and Kirk Hammett to continue the Transformers 30th Anniversary celebration

Nuclear Blast CD Sampler artwork_email2

Want to rock alongside the Knights of Unicron? Hasbro, Nuclear Blast, ESP and Kirk Hammett are giving you that chance! Two custom Knights of Unicron/Transformers 30th themed guitars will be given away during San Diego Comic-Con, and also Nuclear Blast (Booth #503) will be giving away CDs chuck full of amazing artists paying homage to Transformers. Check out the announcement […]

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