Mega Drive Megatron Limited Edition Recolors


Takara Tomy Arts, Sega, and have announced two limited edition recolors of the Mega Drive Megatron action figure recently released in Japan. The first is a gold chromed “Lucky Draw” style Megatron that will be given away as a prize to the lucky few in Japan selected after they buy a 3DS in the period of December 18th-January 31st and […]

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Mega Drive Megatron Web Page Now Online


As though to not let fans forget about one of Japan’s other crazy Transformers products after the announcements of Masterpiece Convoy EVA Mode, transforming Bearbrick Optimus Prime, and transforming Optimus Prime pen, Takara Tomy Arts have now brought their Mega Drive Megatron web page online! This is the Megatron figure that transforms into the 16-bit Sega Genesis mock game system. […]

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The First Transformers Mode “EVA” Text Story is Now Online!


A Transformers vs. Evangelion crossover is one of those things that Transformers fans have secretly wished for but never expected would ever actually happen…Until it did! We’ve seen images of the MP-10 figure that will be released in EVA colors, but the fictional story behind this color scheme has been left vague. Fortunately, though, Takara Tomy Toy Mall’s website will […]

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