TAV VS-SP: Dogfight



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As one of those Transformers fans that missed out on the latter part of G1 toys and almost all of the comics, Dogfight came to me as a non-entity.  He was so much of a non-entity that I didn’t even realize he was in IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye until I looked him up on the TF wiki AFTER getting […]

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Transformers is Coming to Splatoon!



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If you own a Wii U and have Splatoon get ready for Splatfest starring The Transformers! At least, that’s what the official Nintendo Twitter account has given us notification of. Check out the tweet below. Batttle as Team Autobots or Team Decepticons for 24 hours starting on August 28th at 9PM (PT).   .@Transformers is coming to #Splatfest! Battle as Team […]

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New Color Photos of Legends Nightbird, Slipstream, and Blackarachnia



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Thanks to Dengeki Hobby we have some new photos of the upcoming Transformers Legends wave due for release in October.  This wave focuses on Decepticon and Predacon female warriors.  The line up consists of Nightbird (dubbed Nightbird Shadow), Slipstream, and Blackarachnia (known as Black Widow in Japan).  Each character has a new photo of them in their robot mode as […]

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TFsource 12-22 Weekly Source News!


TFsource 12-22 Weekly SourceNews! Hexatron Continuum, Titanium Saint, Air Strike and More!Greetings Sourcefans!It’s not too late to place an order on TFsource.com – Your source for everything Transformers! 3rd Party Transformers, Masterpiece Transformers and receive it in time for the holidays! Select 2-day or overnight shipping when in checkout – Happy Holidays everyone! This week we have a bunch of new instock […]

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New “Transformers: Legends” Game Event – Autobot Run


Mobage has announced another event for their game “Transformers: Legends”! In this event the Autobots take part in a race for a charity. Completely unaware that the Constructicons have created a Transfixatron, and during the race, the device is used on the unsuspecting Autobots. Only when the Decepticons arrive do the heroic Autobots realize that they cannot transform. How will […]

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New “Transformers: Legends” Event – “Enter The Nightbird”


Mobage just announced a new event for their “Transformers: Legends” game – “Enter The Nightbird”! Starring everyone’s favorite ninja… Nightbird! The worlds first robot ninja gets stolen away by Megatron and his evil Decepticons who reprogram her to fight her Autobot allies. Can the Autobots save her from herself? Find out in the next “Transformers: Legends” event – “Enter The […]

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