New Promotional Image for Decepticon Filch


The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a promotional image for this Saturday’s Transformers: Robots in Disguise episode. For fans paying attention to the Decepticons shown so far, this is going to be the premiere episode for the bird-like thief, Filch! The promotional image shows her robot mode along with the tagline “One Crooked Crow”. There’s also this brief description […]

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The New Decepticon Leader For Transformers: Robots In Disguise Has Been Announced!


Hasbro has just announced (in a status update vie the Transformers FB page) that Steeljaw is to be the leader of the Decepticons in the all new “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” show! In the update they say that you can scan the new Steeljaw toy into the awesome Transformers: Robots in Disguise app and take on the villains as the Decepticon […]

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Decept-Iconic and Optimust Shirts on TeeFury


Looking for more Transformers t-shirts to add to your collection? TeeFury are offering two new designs ready for you to add to your wardrobe! Decept-Iconic and Optimust depict an “electric” Decepticon symbol and Optimus’ face in an ink blot, respectively. Check out the shirts on and hurry since they’re only being offered for 24 hours and then will be […]

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New Transformers Mask Truckers’ Caps from Stylin’ Online


Have you ever been wearing your Transformers-branded truckers’ cap and thought “You know what would make this cooler? A flip down mask of Megatron!” Even if you haven’t, Stylin’ Online is now offering two new Transformers truckers’ caps that do just that! The first is an Autobot hat with an extra bit of cloth that folds down in front of […]

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Upcoming Decepticon Masterpiece Figure, More G1-colored TF4 Dinobots, and Other News from TF4 Launch Party in Japan


Thanks to Autobase Aichi, we have a summary of some of the news tidbits that the Takara Tomy designers offered up during the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction/Lost Age launch party over the weekend! Perhaps the most interesting news was confirmation from the design team on hand that after almost 10 Autobots straight, the Masterpiece line will be getting back […]

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New Masterpiece MP-13B Soundblaster & Ratbat Photo



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TakaraTomy designer Shogo Hasui has tweeted out a new photo of this weekend’s Masterpiece release, MP-13B Soundblaster & Ratbat! Soundblaster is a redeco of Soundwave in black and purple with additional snap-on chest accessories to match the detail of the original 1987 Japanese exclusive figure. Ratbat is a completely new figure in the same vein as Masterpiece Condor (Laserbeak), in that he […]

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BotCon 2014 Cannonball Revealed!


Transformers Collectors’ Club members have already gotten a chance to view the BotCon 2014 Cannonball review thanks to its publication in the Club Magazine. But now everyone can see it! The website has been updated with a look at the vehicle and robots modes for this figure – or rather mock-ups of the figure – as well as a […]

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