Lego Reveals Its First Jurassic World Construction Set

Friggin' Laser Beams!!

Via Mashable, Lego have revealed their first Jurassic World construction set! The set comes three human figures (including yet another Lego Chris Pratt!), a truck build, a motorcycle build, a stun gun build, and two Lego velociraptors with new harness pieces! Check out the article and images on Mashable for your first peek at the buildable dinosaur madness that will […]

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Jurassic World Trailer Now Online


Dinosaurs have always captured our imaginations. Giant reptiles ruling the world with fangs, claws, speed, and sheer tremendous size. Twenty-one years ago, the first Jurassic Park film was released at theaters and movie-goers came face to face with their imagination in a heart-pounding, thrilling adventure that would go on to generate a trilogy of movies. And coming next year, the adventure picks […]

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