Official Product Images of New Generations Combiner Wars Legends Figures!



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  Thanks to board member Nevermore, we have been alerted to posting listings for Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Buzzsaw, Chop Shop, Shockwave, and a hidden gem… Pipes! Buzzsaw, Chop Shop, and Shockwave were first revealed during Hasbro’s panel at Botcon 2015, however, these are the first official in package (or out of package for that matter) images. Hasbro […]

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Meet Robots In Disguise Chop Shop


The upcoming Robots in Disguise cartoon offers designers and animators the chance to get really creative with the Decepticon-of-the-week. Beastial in nature, these characters seem to offer unique designs and transformations. Consider this a spoiler warning for those awaiting the North American release. For those interested, enjoy the transformation GIF and details after the break.

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Age of Extinction G1 Colored Grimlock and Generations Legends Recolors



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Another image has surfaced from the latest Figure King and it reveals some unannounced figures from TakaraTomy.  Much like the G1 Slag colored Lost Age (Age of Extinction) Slug, TakaraTomy is also producing a G1 colored TF4 Voyager Grimlock!  This Grimlock’s color scheme closely follows the original G1 character’s toy color scheme and looks to feature a chrome chest like […]

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