Car Robots Theme Singer Kouji Wada Passes Away

Kouji Wada


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Anime News Network is reporting the sad news that Kouji Wada, who sang the theme song for Car Robots as well as Digimon, has passed away. Read on for the link and to discuss.

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New Legends LG-EX Micron Legend Megatron and Car Robots Black Convoy Photos

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Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out official photos as well as some photos of his own of the Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive LG-EX Micron Legend (Armada) Megatron and LG-EX Car Robots (RID) Black Convoy (Scourge)!  Black Convoy is very similar to TFSS Scourge, with some differences including a darker painted face and chest, gray hands and biceps (instead of black), a […]

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In-hand, In-Box Image of Transformers Legends Skybyte


Transformers designer Hisashi Yuki has a gift for all you Car Robots/Robots In Disguise (2001) fans out there! He’s tweeted out an image of the upcoming Transformers Legends Gelshark/Skybyte figure bot in and out of the box. If you’ve seen images of this toy before, you might have seen the numerous differences between it and the Hasbro release. Such as […]

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“Transformers: Car Robots” Complete Series Fan Sub



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Karyuudo Fansubs has let us know that their subtitling of Transformers: Car Robots is complete. Apart from the subtitled episodes, Karyuudo also has included a lot of bonus content related to the show. The set includes the following:– All 39 Episodes in the Original Japanese Audio with English subtitles– Clean Opening and Ending Songs– Toy Commercials Spots– Marionette CD Single Commercial Spot– A Complete Reference Guide (PDF Format) […]

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