Beast Hunters Construct-bots: The Tail-Enders



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Shattered enjoys a focus on comic-centric Transformers fiction and has an eclectic palate when it comes to toy releases. He is an expat currently residing in Canada.

Those who have been in the hobby a while recognize the term “tail-enders.” These are the releases that represent the last gasps of a given toy line. They are characteristically difficult to obatain and often, maddeningly, the best or most interesting toys of the line. The benefit of being the last is, of course, that they’ve refined the gimmick of […]

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Transformers Hero Mashers Official In-Package Images

Optimus Prime


John posts news and provides content for the Allspark, particularly Transformers news from Asia and adding content to the Allspark's image galleries.

Thanks to Transformers Colombia, we now have official in-package images of Transformers Hero Mashers Starscream, Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Drift. These were first revealed at Toy Fair 2014, and are non-transformable figures with interchangeable parts to customize your own Transformer. From images, it also seems that there will be additional parts coming with some figures for use with future releases. […]

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Transformers Cloud Starscream and Brawn Available at the Club Store


Continuing their partnership with eHOBBY, the Transformers Collectors’ Club now have pre-orders for eHOBBY’s upcoming Starscream and Brawn exclusives! Starscream is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer/Blitzwing mold with added Null Rays, and Brawn is uses the previously unreleased GDO remold of First Edition Bulkhead. Each figure is listed at $87. Click the following links for the pre-order pages: Starscream […]

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Toy Images of Cloud Brawn

2-21-2014 9-03-43 PM


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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

Following the reveal of Cloud Starscream comes the reveal of Cloud Brawn! This figure is a redeco of the canceled GDO Generations Brawn mold, which itself was a retool of First Edition Prime Bulkhead, in more G1 colors. The figure’s color scheme has changed from light green and brown to dark green, orange, and silver. Click here to see and […]

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Toy Images of Transformers Cloud Starscream


Not long after his reveal come the first toy images of Transformers Cloud Starscream! This figure is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer mold as, well, Starscream. The figure also comes with the Null Ray weapons from the Masterpiece Starscream action figure to complete the Starscream homage. You can also get a glimpse at the Transformers Cloud Brawn head sculpt […]

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Next Two Transformers Cloud Exclusives Revealed – Brawn and Starscream!


EHOBBY and TakaraTomy Toy Mall have revealed their next two Transformers Cloud exclusives! Brawn is the unreleased GDO Brawn remold of First Edition Bulkhead, and Starscream is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer mold. More in formation about these figures’ release should be available soon. EHOBBY announcement page | Discuss the figures here

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