New Extended Description for Transformers: Rescue Bots “Buddy System”, Danica McKellar Guest Stars


Hasbro and the Hub have released more information about the upcoming Transformers: Rescue Bots episode “Buddy System” which is set to air Saturday, May 31st. The plot of the episode revolves around a nature hike that gains unwanted serpentine attention, and features guest star Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) as Kade Burn’s recurring love interest, Hayley, who proves that she […]

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Rescue Bots Episode 213 – The Island of Misfit Tech Preview Clip


The Transformers YouTube channel have posted a short preview clip for tomorrow’s episode of Transformers Rescue Bots, “The Island of Misfit Tech”. Check out the episode summary and preview clip below: See what happens this week on the Rescue Bots when an out-of-control mechanical bull leads Cody and the Rescue Bots on an adventure through the mysterious “Beam Box” to […]

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Rescue Bots Rubble the Haul Bot Listed on TRU Canada’s Website


The cast of Rescue Bots has stayed fairly consistent across its multiple waves of product, only adding Hoist and Medix to the six characters who have appeared on the show. A new listing on the Canadian Toys R Us site seems to tip the hand that another character may soon make an appearance though. The listing, which currently lacks images, […]

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Rescue Bots Season 2 Episode 11 – What Rises Above – Airs Today


Last week, Transformers Rescue Bots viewers were treated to a duo of great guest voice actors – Peter Cullen and Mark Hamill! This week not only do we continue with those guest stars, but we also get to see their characters – Optimus Prime and Woodrow “Uncle Woodrow” Burns, respectively – fight off creatures from a lost, primeval world! The […]

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More Information About Upcoming Rescue Bots Episodes


If this season of Rescue Bots has kept you glued to the television set, just wait until you see what’s next! The Hub Network have released their May highlights, including a slightly extended description for a few of the Transformers Rescue Bots episodes. Check out the descriptions below: May 10 – “Space Bots”: When an experimental Space Elevator strands Doc […]

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Rescue Bots Rescan Figure Packs Out at Retail


Rescue Bots fans eager for new product may want to head out to their closest Target store! The first wave of Rescue Bots Rescan Figure Packs has started showing up at the retail chain, and while they don’t transform they may just represent those characters from the show that you or your kids must have! Such as Heatwave (representing his […]

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BotCon 2014 Welcomes Back the Cast and Crew of Rescue Bots


If you had fun with the Transformers Rescue Bots cast and crew at last BotCon and would like to hear from them once again – or if you missed out on meeting them and want to experience them for the first time – it looks like BotCon 2014 is your chance! While not all of the same voice actors could […]

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New Images of Rescue Bots Rescan Series 02 – Optimus Prime & Bumblebee


Every once and a while, a Transformer gets tired of his or her name and alternate mode making any kind of sense together. And when something like that happens, it’s time to introduce Bumblebee…as a mechanical dinosaur! Big Bad Toy Store now have images of the second series of the “Rescan” Rescue Bots toys, which consists of an Optimus Prime […]

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New Rescue Bots Product on Hasbro Toy Shop


If you’re a Transformers Rescue Bots fan looking to pick up some merchandise from the toy line/television show, make sure that you head over to Hasbro Toy Shop. The online store now has pre-orders for the non-transforming 2-packs of Bumblebee with Scrapmaster, Optimus Prime with T-rex, and Heatwave (new robot form) with Cody Burns A.K.A Rescue Boy, as well as […]

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Reminder – Season 2 Of Rescue Bots Begins Today at 1pm EST!


For those Transformers Rescue Bots fans out there, don’t forget that the new season of the show premieres this afternoon at 1 pm Eastern! And it does so with a bonus episode! “Road Trip” airs at 1pm, and “Sky Forest” will be on during its regular time slot at 1:30pm. When the episodes air, make sure to stop by our […]

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