New Transformers Mask Truckers’ Caps from Stylin’ Online


Have you ever been wearing your Transformers-branded truckers’ cap and thought “You know what would make this cooler? A flip down mask of Megatron!” Even if you haven’t, Stylin’ Online is now offering two new Transformers truckers’ caps that do just that! The first is an Autobot hat with an extra bit of cloth that folds down in front of […]

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Kotobukiya Autobot Necktie Sample


Now you can take your Transformers to work, and wear them too! Kotobukiya have tweeted out a photo of one of their employees wearing the Autobot necktie sample that their planning department has just received. The neckties will come in an assortment of varieties and are scheduled for a July 2014 release. Price is 4,800 Yen or roughly $47 USD. […]

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Alex Milne Shows Off His Concept Art for IDW Riptide


If you like getting a sneak peek at the behind the scenes aspects of the Transformers brand, you should check out artist Alex Milne’s Twitter account. The latest tweets especially as they reveal the concept art and some of the artist’s thoughts and motivations for IDW’s latest new Transformers character! Riptide is, as his name suggests, an aquatic Transformer who […]

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