Official Images of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Slog and Snarl!


Courtesy of io9, fans now get their first look at a couple more Dinobots joining the saurian ranks! Slog is a Sauropod and armed to the teeth with some deadly looking spikes along his back. Snarl is a bright green Stegosaurus with translucent parts which make him look almost radioactive. Both continue the armored, knight-like appearances in robot mode. Click […]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Slog Revealed via Frito-Lay Campaign


Fans may remember early toy listings from retailer computer systems had a figure referred to as “Voyager Slog”, which led some to wonder if it was a typographical error meant as “Slug” the Triceratops at a new scale. Well, that doesn’t appear to be the case! Frito-Lay is running a campaign in Turkey that includes a small character card in […]

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