New Transformers Photos at Ani-Com Games 2015



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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

New photos of upcoming Hasbro and TakaraTomy Transformers releases have surfaced from Ani-Com Games, ACG, Hong Kong 2015.  Among the figures pictured are Hasbro’s Platinum Edition Dinobots, Trypticon, Perceptor & Blaster, SDCC Devastator, Combiner Wars Wave 4, as well as TakaraTomy’s MP-21G G2 Bumblebee, MP-25 Tracks, MP-26 Road Rage, MP-18B Blue Bluestreak, and Unite Warriors Menasor.

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More Photos of Platinum Edition Dinobots



Callum somehow managed to avoid Transformers during his actual childhood, but then the live-action films piqued his interest, Animated suckered him in, and IDW's comics made sure he stuck around.

It’s come to light that the recently-revealed Platinum Edition Dinobot five-pack is currently on display at the 2015 Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong convention, and additional photos showing some of the figures’ new head sculpts have surfaced. Read on for the pictures!

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Photos from ACGHK 2014

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John posts news and provides content for the Allspark, particularly Transformers news from Asia and adding content to the Allspark's image galleries.

Courtesy of Robotkingdom, we have some images from ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong) 2014. Among the Transformers toys on display are Hot Toys Optimus Prime (Magatron Version), DMK03 Optimus Prime, Age of Extinction toys, Hero Mashers, Kre-O, and Kids Logic figures. View the images here.

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