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@  Whirl Maximus : (29 July 2016 - 01:20 PM)

IDW G1 has been a victim of it's own success.

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (29 July 2016 - 01:23 AM)

Though frankly I prefer IDW Ratchet with a Marvel-style head rather than his current Prime-style head.

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (29 July 2016 - 12:34 AM)

Like dual Fall of Cybertron-IDW G1 designs.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (28 July 2016 - 10:55 PM)

And it at least shows that they're allowed to repurpose designs from other universes.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (28 July 2016 - 10:54 PM)

Dark Cybertron was around when things showing up in toyline and comic together became a really major thing.

@  Waspinator : (28 July 2016 - 10:51 PM)

Given that that Starscream says "Armada Starscream" on his box, I assume the toy was meant to be Armada Starscream and was just re-purposed by IDW to be a body for their Starscream.

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (28 July 2016 - 09:24 PM)

Hey, Bass X0. It's nice to see somene else paying attention to the distinctions.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (28 July 2016 - 06:44 PM)

Also, Albino Prime that isn't Magnus.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (28 July 2016 - 06:43 PM)

They made a toy that was IDW Starscream with an entirely Armada look.

@  Bass X0 : (28 July 2016 - 05:53 PM)

Other than a change of gimmicks and physical appearance (i.e. Deluxe Galvatron), Hasbro generally keeps a familiar color scheme for the Generations toys. It may not always be perfect or completely accurate, but I can't think of a Generations toy that looks completely different in color scheme to how they should do. A quick l;ook around my room and I can't see anyone who is completely the wrong color scheme. I'd say the FoC Combaticons and Wreckers are the wrong colors, but they're not supposed to be the G1 characters so they get a pass.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (28 July 2016 - 05:45 PM)

The comics aren't beholden to previous G1 material, and the toyline doesn't have a strict need to follow the comics either so...

@  Bass X0 : (28 July 2016 - 05:40 PM)

And yet the comics are not damned. This is G1 Sentinel Prime, not Animated or Movie Sentinel Prime and so he should look the part to how G1 Sentinel Prime has been portrayed so far. An Animated Sentinel Prime color scheme can come later. I don't recall how important the G1 legacy of Primes (Convoys) is in Japan or even if they have Nova Prime, Sentinel Prime, and previous Primes. So maybe Takara will paint him as Animated Sentinel just because its what Japanese fans are most familiar with.  Sentinel Prime didn't have to have been a pre-use of the Astrotrain mold, indeed why even choose G1 Sentinel Prime at all after how long neglecting him?

@  OrionPax44 : (28 July 2016 - 02:02 PM)

Same here unluckiness. I bought him mostly for the Fire Guts look of the Titan Master.

@  unluckiness : (28 July 2016 - 08:38 AM)

I kinda like Fire Guts Sentinel Prime TBH. Though, I think the gray would have looked better as black.

@  Boomhauer : (28 July 2016 - 08:36 AM)

I would've been fine with the Bayformers 3 Sentinel colors, he looked slick.

@  Whirl Maximus : (28 July 2016 - 08:33 AM)

Same as Animated Sentinel Prime then, I bet he's a Functionist fundamentalist too!

@  Rycochet : (28 July 2016 - 08:07 AM)

Sentinel Prime's colour scheme is awful, they should have painted him in his animated deco, comics be damned.

@  Dracula : (28 July 2016 - 07:38 AM)

He's also orange

@  Paladin : (28 July 2016 - 07:23 AM)

kinda not enjoying my TR Sentinel Prime now that someone summed up his personality as "Make Cybertron Great Again."

@  OrionPax44 : (27 July 2016 - 04:51 PM)

Sounds pretty kinky.

@  Whirl Maximus : (27 July 2016 - 04:17 PM)

the wind blew the sun into the river. honest!

@  Vexwing : (27 July 2016 - 12:34 PM)

Sadly no orchestra for me, but we did have the TFA clip as well.

@  ChessPieceFace : (27 July 2016 - 12:17 PM)

I saw Weird Al at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, playing with a full orchestra. It was pretty special. And yes, Dare To Be Stupid! With an introductory video clip from TFA, no less.

@  Vexwing : (27 July 2016 - 11:33 AM)

Got to see Weird Al perform Dare to be Stupid in his set last night! That was a nice surprise.

@  LBD "Nyt... : (27 July 2016 - 01:40 AM)

TMW you see a bunch of people have liked something you posted while you were away, and you're like "what did I even say?!"

@  Bass X0 : (26 July 2016 - 05:26 PM)

Regarding MTMTE#55 being released early in some places, its okay to discuss the contents of the issue as long as spoilers are kept within the thread. I refuse to read discussion threads of comics I have yet to read to avoid being spoiled. I also find it pointless to go into a discussion thread and expect to not be spoiled if you have yet to read the issue (unless you don't care).

@  The Doctor Who : (26 July 2016 - 07:11 AM)

@Patchy 'cause people like how the kaiser rolls!

@  MEDdMI : (26 July 2016 - 05:47 AM)

I'm officially addicted to the Comics theme. Every other themes are dull and boring now, I can't stand to look at them for more than a few posts.

@  Broadside : (26 July 2016 - 03:59 AM)

"Beast Wars anniversary"? Highly dubious.

@  Patchouli Kn... : (26 July 2016 - 12:16 AM)

How come everybody wanna keep it like the kaiser?

@  zephyrX9 : (26 July 2016 - 12:16 AM)

the kaiser stole our beast wars toys

@  ▲ndrusi : (25 July 2016 - 08:35 PM)

beast wars dicketeth anniversary

@  Locoman : (25 July 2016 - 07:16 PM)

My story begins in nineteen-dickety-two. We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen our word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles.

@  Telly : (25 July 2016 - 05:21 PM)

its the rye of the kaiser its the thrill of the the fight

@  ▲ndrusi : (25 July 2016 - 05:18 PM)

Fierce Grape?

@  OrionPax44 : (25 July 2016 - 05:09 PM)

The Rye or the Kaiser.

@  tffan01 : (25 July 2016 - 04:55 PM)

watch?v=gyKOM3469_Y I've found this weird kids video.

@  OrionPax44 : (25 July 2016 - 04:20 PM)

Doozer Sticks

@  The Doctor Who : (25 July 2016 - 04:19 PM)

Fraggle Rock!

@  OrionPax44 : (25 July 2016 - 04:18 PM)

Happy Pop (nauseating just saying it)

@  TheMightyMol... : (25 July 2016 - 03:51 PM)

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

@  OrionPax44 : (25 July 2016 - 03:48 PM)

Soggy Rock

@  Dracula : (25 July 2016 - 02:36 PM)

Tank Concrete!

@  MEDdMI : (25 July 2016 - 02:16 PM)

the Third.

@  TheMightyMol... : (25 July 2016 - 02:16 PM)

Flint Chesthair!

@  OrionPax44 : (25 July 2016 - 02:12 PM)

Sheeps Butt Ramsbottom

@  MEDdMI : (25 July 2016 - 02:08 PM)


@  TheMightyMol... : (25 July 2016 - 02:01 PM)


@  Summer : (25 July 2016 - 01:55 PM)


@  PlutoniumBoss : (25 July 2016 - 12:08 PM)


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Calvin Johnson Megatron - Sold with his new Nike Shoes

Calvin Johnson Megatron Nike

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#1 NightViper



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 02:52 PM




Nike Football champions the TRANSFORMERS “More Than Meets the Eye” qualities of Calvin Johnson, Jr. by teaming up with Hasbro on the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max. As a special addition, the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max is sold with a first ever Hasbro TRANSFORMERS action figure designed for an athlete in conjunction with a shoe release.


So if you can still buy the figures on eBay for $15, it'll be much cheaper for you :D

#2 Megaplex Prime

Megaplex Prime

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:16 PM

This is the stupidest thing ever. Though I may be biased because I can give two shits less about football.

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Don't look back 'cause I got your six!
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Don't turn back 'cause I got your six!

#3 gargunkle


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:18 PM

One thing I couldn't tell - does anyone know if the ones on ebay were complete?  Hard to tell with the way the gun forms (I don't own the figure though, maybe it makes more sense in person).

Not my finest work, but when life gives you lemons, they're yellow so just paint black stripes on them and call them Bumblebee. Kids will buy them.

#4 Darkstream


    The original darkstream since 2003!

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:23 PM

i kinda like the shoes....

#5 NightViper



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:24 PM

One thing I couldn't tell - does anyone know if the ones on ebay were complete?  Hard to tell with the way the gun forms (I don't own the figure though, maybe it makes more sense in person).


They were complete. Both gun halves and the football.

#6 tec


    Seriously fun

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:30 PM

I kinda want a pair

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that tec has a job? I thought his sole reasons for existence are cheesecake and horrible grammar.-Shadowman024


#7 Nanite


    Imminently Ignorable

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:43 PM

Nice to see it finally coming out officially.  Do get one cheap on ebay, it's a neat figure.

On them twitters

#8 LV!


    Ol' 55

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 04:08 PM

As a nerd, I'm threatened and angry about sports appearing in my robot toys. They should have made one with Bob Budiansky's logo on it and sold it with Bob Budiansky-branded typewriter ink.


EDIT: In less facetious news, the Air Trainer SCIIs are awesome. I love how Action Mastery they are.

Edited by LV!, 19 November 2013 - 04:50 PM.

#9 The Phazer

The Phazer

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 04:38 PM

I actually kinda want that.

#10 Random Items

Random Items

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 04:44 PM

Seems to me Sports Label Megatron would've been a better fit.

 photo 1446489_1420344741314_full_zps63gobam0.jpg

#11 Copper Bezel

Copper Bezel

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 05:05 PM

Who buys three shoes? CJ Megs is Nike-branded.

#12 Wheelimus


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 06:00 PM

So how long do you guys think this will be out before we hear a horrible toy swap story? "Um, I'm pretty sure these shoes weren't supposed to come with War for Cybertron Megatron. And I'm pretty sure the shoes weren't supposed to be a worn out pair of Adidas."

"In the not very distant future when everything will be free. There won't be any cute secrets let alone any novelty. You can say anything you want to in your fetching cloak of anonymity. Are you feeling out of breath now in your desperate pursuit of infamy?" Elvis Costello 'No Hiding Place'

#13 NightViper



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:07 PM

"I thought I was buying a pair of shoes, but all I got were a couple of bee hives."

#14 Copper Bezel

Copper Bezel

    Local SMG Hover Enthusiast

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:43 PM

Would not purchase again?

#15 Strafe


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 12:22 AM

I really like the presentation of this thing, from the ornate fold-open box to the Decepticon Nike logo.

The shoes are a bit too showy for my tastes, though.


Those Fox NFL robots are pretty cool, but if Hasbro partnered with the NFL..... they're opening themselves up to an entirely new market that spends billions upon billions annually on whatever crap they'll stick their logo on. Orange and navy transforming bear? Yes, please. And for the people who dislike sports, you'd potentially have some great beast Transformer custom fodder!

Edited by Strafe, 20 November 2013 - 01:12 AM.

#16 Blacknife


    Never heard of it; never will

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:31 AM

That huge set with the three pairs of shoes, transforming box, and Calvatron is limited to 81 sets or am I reading that wrong? Either way price will not be pretty...

In honor of Johnson’s number, 81 Megatron Rises Packs will release exclusively at 21 Mercer in NYC, select Nike Yardline doors, and Nike.com . The CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max and the Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II will be available at select Nike retail locations and online at nike.com

MEGATRON is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission.  © 2013 Hasbro.   All Rights Reserved.  Licensed by Hasbro.


Glad there's just the straight forward shoes with Calvatron option, but naturally I'd rather have the other pair of shoes that doesn't include Megatron...grrr...


Also, this is just a brilliant move by Hasbro.   Hopefully, it does a lot to break down the barrier of negative stereotyping for toy collecting outside of fan circles.    Then again, I may be optimistic and we may see a lot of Calvatrons on ebay after some people get their kicks. 

Edited by Blacknife, 20 November 2013 - 03:33 AM.

Marvel Universe: Transformed Forever archived in it's #80 in a four issue limited series phase.


#17 Nanite


    Imminently Ignorable

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 12:00 PM

If Nike is only selling 81 full sets (or just 81 Megatrons?), that might explain why there are so many to be had on ebay.

On them twitters

#18 Octavius Prime

Octavius Prime

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 07:20 AM

I like the color scheme, the tiny 'con football, and the packaging. The shoes, however, look trashy as hell (I guess that's what's popular) and I don't really care for individual celebrities getting, essentially, custom TFs (I didn't care for LP Soundwave, either).

Repaints for teams sounds like a cool idea, though.

#19 Flashlight

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 08:45 AM

The purple is a bit much. Now if they came in the color of the Lions I'd be down. Imagine those shoes in a nice blue and grey.


Hell, I'd love a burgundy and gold Optimus Prime.  

Edited by Dirk Dinobot, 21 November 2013 - 08:46 AM.

#20 Gizmoboy


    I live to serve

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 08:49 AM

I am digging the shoes!  Would love a decepticon logo on my feet. :)

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