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Posted 06 February 2006 - 03:09 PM

Welcome everyone to the Transformers Sightings Forum!

This forum is to be used as a resource for TF fans all over the world to track the distribution of individual toys, and find them in their respective areas.

There are a few simple rules to follow when posting in this forum. They are as follows:

1. Your replies must be CONFIRMED sightings only. Not hear say or rumors.

2. Do not post anything other than the uniformed layout given below. So basically, no chit chat, no discussions, and no reviews. All of that should be discussed in Transformers Discussion.

3. Each thread within the respective sub-forum is already assigned to a specific toy or assortment, so do not post additional threads. Only post a sighting reply in the individual thread for that toy or toys. Any extraneous threads will be locked, and will have a warning issued to the maker of that thread.

4. Follow the layout given below to post a sighting:



an example would be:

1:30 pm
Hot Shot

Notes: 2 left, call store at (301)515-0000. (Keep it brief and informative, you don't necessarily have to post anything under comments, but it would be nice.)

Posts made without regard to format will be edited and/or deleted with/without notice.

Certain threads will allow the form to be different. For example, if you're posting in a thread that is specifically for one toy, you wouldn't have to say what toy you found in that thread.

Let me elaborate on each component of the form.

Date: Obviously it shows when you found the toy. Mandatory.
Time: It's not necessary to post the time, but you never know if it could help another fan get any remaining toys in time.
Toy(s) If posting in a thread that sights a certain assortment, it's necessary to specify which toy/toys you found. That way we can condense the threads and make posting easier. In threads that specify a certain toy, naming the toy is not necessary. Mandatory.
Store(s) Please specify which store you found the toy or toys at. If found in more than one store in the same city, you can name more than one store. If the stores are in different cities, please post a different sighting for that city in an additional reply. The same would go for toys. If you found a toy at one store, and another at a different store in the same city, please reply with a different sighting. Mandatory.
City Self explanatory and mandatory.
State/Province Please refrain from abbreviating your state or province using initials. Also self explanatory.
Country Abbreviating USA is ok. Please be specific. Also mandatory.
Notes Here you can write some notes pertaining to your sighting. You can write about how many toys were left when you found them, you can write down the stores telephone number or address, whatever you think will help your fellow fans out. If you got the last ones, please make note of that, that way no one will waste their time searching. Just make sure to keep it brief.

Note, once again... please spell out your states name and or province so searching will be easier for those who use the Find or Search option in their browser. This is extremely important!

5. Post as often as you can, you never know if a sighting you posted will help a fellow fan out.

6. If the rules are broken, I or one of the other staff members will be happy to remind you of the rules laid out above. Any repeat offenders will be disciplined.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our rules.

Happy Hunting!

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