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Figures for sale

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#1 callandor

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 10:58 AM

I am thinning out my collection. Below is a list of what is available along with initial asking prices. I will consider trades, especially for hard to find or import items. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping will be calculated based on the total order and zip code.

Pics of Figures

Mega $14.00

Axer & Sideways - includes instructions, lights do not work (most likely just needs batteries)
Deluxe $8.00
Storm Jet - Complete w/ instructions, card
Basic $5.00
Obsidian - Complete w/ instructions

[b]Deluxe $6.00

Optimus Prime - body only

Voyager $14.00
Energon Ironhide - Complete w/ instructions, box
Ultra $20.00
Landquake - Complete w/ instructions, box sold
Deluxe $8.00
Basic $5.00
Offshoot - Complete w/ Instructions
Energon Strongarm - Complete w/ Instructions

Deluxe $6.00

Runamuck - Complete w/ instructions, card
Skywarp - w/ instructions and card, tailfin broken
Demolisher - Complete w/ instructions, card
Basic $5.00
Brushgaurd - Complete w/ instructions, card
Hardtop - Complete w/ instructions, card

Universe 1.0
Deluxe $8.00

Dinobot Striker - Loose
Reptilion - Loose w/ instructions, missing missle
Skydive - complete w/ instructions

Universe 2.0/Classics
Ultra $20.00

Powerglide (grey version) - Complete w/ instructions, box
Stormcloud - Missing Missle

Beast Wars
Basic $8.00
Terragator - complete w/ card sold
Buzzclaw - complete w/ card sold
Bantor - complete w/ card
Noctorro - complete w/ card
Airhammer - complete w/ card sold
Scarem - complete w/ card
Deluxe $12.00
Prowl complete sold
Transmetal Waspinator - complete w/ card sold
Transmetal Rhinox - complete w/ card
Transmetal Terrorsaur - complete w/ card sold
Torca - complete w/ card
Poisonbite - complete w/ card sold
Skyshadow - complete w/ card
Rhinox, Fox Kids - complete sold
Cheetor, Fox Kids - complete w/ card sold

Beast Machines
Basic $8.00
Spystreak - complete w/ card sold
Buzzsaw - complete w/ card
Scavenger - complete w/ card sold
Geckobot - complete w/ card
Nightviper - complete w/ card sold
Longhorn - complete w/ card
Hammerstrike - complete w/ card sold
Mirage - complete w/ card
Mol Blue - complete w/ card
Dillo Red - complete w/ card
Deluxe $12.00
Skydive - complete w/ card sold
Blastcharge - complete w/ card

Movie 2007
Deluxe $10.00
Stockade - complete w/ card sold
Camshaft - complete w/ card
Voyager $16.00
Thundercracker - complete w/ instructions, box

Revenge of the Fallen
Deluxe $10.00
Blazemaster - complete w/ card
Scout $5.00
Booster X10 - complete w/ torn card
Photon T-34 - complete w/ card
Night Beat 7 - complete w/ card

Heroes of Cybertron w/ cardbacks

Ultra Magnus
Wheeljack (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold
Rodimus Prime
Optimus Prime, w/ gun
Optimus Prime, w/ axe
Powermaster Optimus Prime
Powermaster Optimus Prime, Spark Attack
Fortress Maximus sold
Jazz (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold
Bumblebee & Spike (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold
Perceptor (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold
Gigatron (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold
Megatron, w/ gun
Megatron, w/ mace
Dirge (Fortress Maximus Part not included) sold

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#2 callandor

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 10:27 AM

updated the list

#3 callandor

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 06:36 PM

Added HOC figures to the list. Sold items marked.

#4 callandor

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 03:58 PM

list updated.

#5 callandor

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 10:31 AM

Additional items sold. List updated.

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