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Shrapnel in Kre-O.

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#1 Boltax


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Posted 30 September 2011 - 03:12 AM

So I decided to make a 'transforming' (more accurately, a partsforming) Shrapnel toy from my Kre-O.

Shrapnel is in Diaclone colours, because I don't have any purple. The goal was to build him entirely from Kre-O and where I've had to use LEGO parts instead I've only used parts that have a Kre-O counterpart. So in theory he's a viable kit for Kre-O.

That's in theory. In reality he's enormous, ungainly and probably not what you'd call 'finished', really.

In this picture you can see that I used Starscream's head for Shrapnel. It's not ideal -- the only other head I had that could have worked was Jazz's -- and it even has a visor. Unfortunately it was way to tiny for this enormous build.

This is a shot of Shrapnel's back. Showing you the extra insect legs there, and you can also see some of the otherwise hidden yellow bits I used.

Next here's a closeup of Shrapnel's chest. I used Starscream's jet canopies for this, but I tried to add a bit of visible detail and colour underneath, to give more interest.

Next picture is Shrapnel torn into pieces. This is preparing to transform him. As I said, he doesn't TF mechanically for the most part, he's a partsformer. There's some mechanical panel-moving, but not much.

And now we have an example of one of the few pieces of mechanical transformation on the model -- you can close Shrapnel's horns and cover his face. Yay.

--Andrew S.

#2 Boltax


    Pap Pap! Kue Ray Yong Pap!

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Posted 30 September 2011 - 03:17 AM

Here's another piece of transformation -- this time it's the partsforming kind. All these pieces have to be moved around and reattached.

You use the fists' wrist articulation to attach the forearm correctly to the upper arm.

And next here's another partsforming shot, showing where the extra legs go.

This next picture is some more transformation. You reattach the lower legs at the hips, leaving the thighs to the side. Then you rotate the feet around.

Annnd finally... the beast mode:

I'mmmmm... not really happy with it.

--Andrew S.