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Dark of the Moon Commander Class Ironhide

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Posted 21 June 2011 - 06:32 PM

So I finally gave in and dug out some cash to buy a DOTM figure. Seeing how expensive they are here, I wanted nothing fancy-yet-.So I bought Commander class Ironhide,both relatively affordable and available at the time, and here's his quick review:

Robot mode detail wise, the guy's wonderful. everything one would want is there: the big guns, the incredibly detailed sculpt and decent articulation...until you get to his shoulders.The darned things popped off right from the package and the odd angle does n't help them at all. I'm going to try some glue to fix this, but I haven't dealt with such a degree of "I want to pop" before hips have this too to a lesser degree. Is it a prediction of a death by dismemberment in the movie? I don't know.His weapons are all kinds of versatile having a peg to combine, a clip to be mounted on 3mm bars, and all the points to connect the weapons make Ironhide a potential Rambo-bot.

Vehicle mode: not much to say about it. It's a real good representation of the GMC topkick. lots of details (it even has the road armor and the raised GMC logos)the paint is located only in the smokestacks, headlights, and the front grill. Minimal, but effective.In this mode,he has 6 hardpoints for weapons: 3 holes (mini mech tech ports?) and 3 bars including his smokestacks.The weird gap on the front that looks as if in mid transformation. possibly a necessity of the design.

Overall: I bought him mostly for the weapon (and the Chevrolet Spark GT Raffle icon-fire.gif ). But if later releases solve his pop-joint-ivitis problem we have a really cool little commander ( I wish I had seen Blackout, but I can't complain, the only stores that carry these are like half city away from were I live and I had to go to both of them on FOOT!)

additional note:

the superglue trick did wonders: no more dismemberment for Ironhide.
AND I won tickets thanks to him I love this toy !!!!

"feeling lucky, punk?"

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