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Transformers Character Bios

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Posted 16 May 2011 - 11:59 AM

EDIT: Since I like to write bios about more than just Mini-Cons, and I fell off the wagon on this project, I'm re-purposing this thread for bios of all sorts of Transformers-type characters, not just Mini-Cons.

Who loves Mini-Cons? I love Mini-Cons! And unfortunately, there are a lot of Mini-Cons that don't have bios yet. So, this is my new off and on project... to give bios and characterization to the little robots that don't have them.

Note - I will be trying to write into the lines they were released in, and to go with the back-stories created by the club comics for certain ones (to the extent I actually can, given I haven't read many of them). And also, some of these will be repurposings and renames of Japanese Mini-Cons as well.

Name: Sundown
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Traffic Control
Universal Stream: Aurex (Velocitron)

"The clock never stops, and neither do I!"

Bio: Sundown is a minority on the planet Velocitron - part of a group of diminutive Transformers that, until recently, her fellow Velocitronians never knew quite what to make of. Since the arrival of beings from other worlds, Sundown and her brethren have learned that they are "Mini-Cons" and are descended from a small minority that attempted to help colonize Velocitron rather than Gigantion, as most of their progenitors opted to do. True to the Mini-Cons' traditions, Sundown operates behind the scenes on Velocitron, tirelessly and efficiently helping to manage traffic on a planet full of racers.

In fact, Sundown has quite a reputation for a Mini-Con. She's notorious for handling all matters with maximum efficiency, and for never stopping in the pursuit of her duties. Most assume that this is Sundown's unique virtue... that her spark is so dedicated and true that it fills her with energy beyond the capacity of her small frame. But few know the truth behind Sundown's seemingly limitless endurance.

The truth is, Sundown is something of a leech, in that she has the unique ability to siphon kinetic energy from those around her. On a planet full of speed demons, she has a seemingly limitless supply of "fuel", so Sundown is able to easily draw off energy from multiple individuals without anyone being the wiser. This hasn't stopped Sundown from feeling guilty about it, especially when she fears the fact that her powers have resulted in legitimate competitors losing races due to no real fault of their own. Furthermore, as time goes on, Sundown fears she's becoming addicted to the power, and the rush that comes from energizing herself this way.

Abilities: Sundown is a Mini-Con, meaning that she's naturally predisposed towards detail work and maintenance. Beyond that, her vehicle mode is like many of the ones found on Velocitron: fast, efficient, and stylish. Her most unique ability, however, is her ability to "steal" kinetic energy and re-energize herself. Depending on how much energy Sundown absorbs, she can move an exponentially higher speed than she could otherwise, but she prefers to avoid doing this, lest she reveal her true nature.

Weaknesses: Sundown's greatest gift is also her greatest curse. The more she uses her power, the more she becomes addicted to it. Combined with her own misgivings about it, this has caused Sundown to develop a complex which she hides behind a mask of cheeriness and determination. However, what Sundown doesn't realize is that over time, her system has grown dependant on "the power", resulting in her fuel cells becoming less and less efficient. As her condition worsens, she will be forced to refuel, or as the case may be, "leech" more and more often than before.

Note: Sundown is based on the Japanese Auto Micron figure called "Sullow." While re-leased in America as Backtrack, Sullow and the Auto Microns can technically be construed as new characters in the Galaxy Force line. That lead has been followed, and "Sullow" has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.

Name: Redhot
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Speedster
Universal Stream: Aurex (Velocitron)

"When I reach 80 hics a mega-cycle... you're gonna see some serious slag."

Bio: Redhot acts as if every part of her body is on fire. Which, given that her power cells are in such a state of overcharge that it makes her chassis super-heated, may not be all that inaccurate. Redhot's spark burns with enthusiasm that's as smoldering as she is... despite being a Mini-Con, she prefers to kick it into high gear and put her fiery determination to use out on the racetrack. There's also no one she admires more than Velocitron's leader, Override.

Unfortunately, Redhot's desire for thrills has led her to Velocitron's underground "oil-sport" races, where competitors are locked in a winner-take-all struggle for victory. Being a Mini-Con, you'd think Redhot would be at a disadvantage, but the use of her power enhancing abilities made her a highly desirable partner for those racers who wanted to win at any cost.

This comes with a drawback though. Redhot's super-heated body can cause grievous harm to anyone she's powerlinked to, especially after prolonged use. Furthermore, considering she's often among Velocitron's less than reputable citizens, she can either easily become the target of those who become addicted to her Powerlinx abilities, or become the victim of those who are angered by injuries sustained while working with her. Redhot remains blissfully unaware of these potential consequences, however, and she will continue to pursue the greatest thrills possible, no matter what dark path it may take her.

Abilities: Redhot is one of the fastest Mini-Cons in the galaxy, and she takes every opportunity to exploit that fact. Furthermore, her super-heated armor can be used as a weapon should she ever be threatened. When racing at top speed, Redhot is capable of igniting the pavement beneath her.

Weaknesses: Redhot's superheated frame is both a blessing and a curse. Not only does it force her to use expensive, heat-resistant tires, it forces her to undergo maintenance at a much higher rate than others. Furthermore, she can cause damage to her Powerlinx partner, which has the potential to cause damage for both her and the bulk she's linked with.

Note: Redhot is based on the Japanese Auto Micron figure called "Gagenda." While re-leased in America as Spiral, Gagenda and the Auto Microns can technically be construed as new characters in the Galaxy Force line. That lead has been followed, and "Gagenda" has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.

Name: Aquadrive
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Fuel-line maintenance
Universal Stream: Aurex (Velocitron)

"The fuel lines are the survival of this planet, and those fuel-lines need me for survival."

Bio: On a planet obsessed with speed and racing, it's important to have an extensive and easily accessible fuel distribution system so 'bots literally don't run themselves dry. And such an extensive, elaborate system needs its caretakers.

That's where Aquadrive comes in. Though she's not the only one working maintenance on Velocitronian's planetary fuel-lines, she's certainly a big part of what keeps them up and running. Be it her ability to squeeze through and navigate practically the entire pipe system or her natural Mini-Con inclinations, there's no one who knows the fuel system better than her.

It goes further than that. Aquadrive sees her work as a sacred calling. In her mind, she's not just keeping the fuel lines open, she's making sure the life blood of Velocitron keeps pumping. Thus, Aquadrive has an almost disciple-like devotion to her work, pushing herself to stay on the job as long as she can. Many a time has she disappeared into the pipe network, only to emerge solar-cycles later as if nothing happened. No one's quite sure where exactly she's been, they just figure it was where she was needed most.

Abilities: Aquadrive's name is quite literal. She has the unique ability to convert gaseous or liquid dihydrogen monoxide into liquid energon, making her able to refuel and keep working quite easily. Furthermore, like all Velocitronians, Aquadrive is quite fast, and she has the added ability of being able to "drive" through liquid without adverse effects, save for corrosive materials like acid.

Weaknesses: Despite her fuel-efficient conversion, it is quite easy for Aquadrive to over-work herself. She's very easy at hiding it, but eventually the fatigue will catch up to her. Furthermore, her small size does little to protect her during on site accidents, forcing her to rely on her natural agility to protect herself. More often than not, both these drawbacks tend to overlap, resulting in injury.

Note: Aquadrive is based on the Japanese Auto Micron figure called "Cyana." While re-leased in America as Oval, Cyana and the Auto Microns can technically be construed as new characters in the Galaxy Force line. That lead has been followed, and "Cyana" has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.

Name: Crestbreaker
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Aquatic Assault
Universal Stream: Aurex

"I will storm the highest wave, and emerge victorious!"

Bio: Relatively young for a Mini-Con, Crestbreaker fancies himself something of a nautical expert. In the wake of the Unicron Battles, he became absorbed with the history of naval warfare on planet Earth. As the leader of the Ocean Assault Team, he began to model himself after the greatest sailors, admirals, and commanders in history, all the while trying to bring a sort of military discipline to the chain of command.

Sadly, his team-mates Wakeboard and Solarwind couldn't be further from Crestbreaker's idea of disciplined seabots. Crestbreaker finds himself eternally frustrated by Wakeboard's reckless thrill-seeking, and Solarwind's lack of drive and focus. Though he's struggled for over ten Earth years, he hasn't been able to get through to them or get them to acknowledge his authority, let alone refine them into the highly trained naval force he wants them to be.

However, the struggle to control Earth's energon resources have presented Crestbreaker with a unique opportunity. He managed to arrange for his team to be stationed at Ocean City, where they assist in defending the installation from Terrorcon assault. Maybe a bit of life threatening combat can shock his team-mates into taking things seriously, and finally let him mold them into the sea bots he wants them to be.

Abilities: Crestbreaker transforms into a tactical speedboat, which allows him to storm the waves at high speeds. Finely tuned navigational systems and pressure control allow him to storm through even the most chaotic waters and cut through the waves like an arrow. In addition, Crestbreaker is also armed with a harpoon launcher, which can be wielded in both robot and vehicle mode and can also be equipped with a tactical warhead.

Weaknesses: Though he's absorbed a fair amount of tactical prowess and strategic sense from his studies, Crestbreaker tends to over-estimate himself. He's competent, but nowhere near the level of those he idolizes. Thus, he tends to put far too much stock in his strategies, and doesn't seem to realize that not all of what he's learned is applicable to the current theater of combat. Furthermore, he's built for speed, and thus has meager defenses, especially for a Mini-Con.

Note: Crestbreaker is a rename of the Micron Booster figure "Mile", a recolor of the Armada Mini-Con Stormcloud. He has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.

Name: Wakeboard
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Athlete
Universal Stream: Aurex

"It's not just a lifestyle, it's an art."

Bio: Before Earth, Wakeboard was only on-line for a few stellar cycles before he and the rest of Cybertron's Mini-Con population abandoned the planet. As a result, most of his formative years have been spent on Earth, in the wake of the Unicron Battles. Much like his teammate and leader, Cestbreacher, Wakeboard has been highly influenced by earth culture, but in the opposite direction. While his leader strives to be a disciplined maritime soldier, Wakeboard just wants to have fun.

Enthralled by water sports such as surfing, water skiing, and yes, wakeboarding, Wakeboard is more than just an enthusiast, he fancies himself both an an athlete and an artist. He spends cycle after cycle honing his skills, working to the point that he's become a nautical acrobat both on, below, or above the water. In terms of agility, he's even a match for the Decepticon warriors Mirage and Dreadwing.

Unfortunately, Wakeboard has far less enthusiasm for his duties as a member of the Ocean Assault Team. Since being stationed at Ocean City, he's found Crestbreaker to be insufferable in his attempts to keep Wakeboard from exploring his passion. If Wakeboard had it his way, he wouldn't even be a soldier at all, and spend the rest of his days hitting the surf.

Abilities: Wakeboard is an accomplished swimmer, surfboarder, wakeboard, skier, and racer. In both vehicle and robot mode, his hover abilities afford him great agility and the ability to do advanced tricks and performances. In addition, Wakeboard is equipped with a torpedo launcher, which strikes through the waters almost as fast as he does.

Weaknesses: If one could convince him to apply himself, Wakeboard would be a fine soldier. Unfortunately, he's not just undisciplined, he actively defies authority both on and off mission. Furthermore, he shares Crestbreaker and Solarwind's relative fragility, which combined with his attitude means that Wakeboard is in a considerable amount of danger in a firefight.

Note: Wakeboard is a rename of the Micron Booster figure "Hover", a recolor of the Armada Mini-Con Waterlog. He has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.

Name: Solarwind
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: "Philosopher"
Universal Stream: Aurex

"All I need is to feel the ocean's waves, and soak up a few rays!"

Bio: In contrast to his team-mates Crestbreaker and Wakeboard, Solarwind has been active on Earth for a good while. His Mini-Con panel was activated in the 1960's, long before two humans accidentally activated the signal that alerted the Autobots and Decepticons to the Mini-Cons' presence on Earth. He first came on-line in the vicinity of Berkeley, California, where he soaked up the local culture and has never quite been the same since.

Despite reuniting with his fellow Ocean Assault Team members, Solarwind has continued to live in his own little world. He's staunchly against fighting for any reason, which frustrates his team leader Crestbreaker a great deal. Solarwind prefers to spend his time thinking and exploring philosophy, all the while lounging on the beaches near Ocean City soaking up the sun's rays. This not only energizes him, he claims it helps him think more clearly too.

Unfortunately, with Ocean City being targeted by hordes of Decepticon drones, Solarwind often finds his tranquil existence disturbed. With Crestbreaker pushing to try and make him take up arms again, Solarwind wants nothing more to just sail off and hope everyone forgets about him, and the fact that abandoning his teammates would jar with his personal philosophy is the only thing keeping him from doing so.

Abilities: Solarwind transforms into a turbine driven boat, but he prefers to just rest on the water and let the ocean take him wherever. His solar sail allows him to soak in the sun's rays and recharge his fuel cells, which he claims is "very green." He can also concentrate solar energy into the blaster installed on his arm, but he prefers not to, in keeping with his pacifistic ways.

Weaknesses: Solarwind's own lack of will to fight keeps is his biggest drawback. He'd rather run than fight back, which makes him an easy target. In addition to having rather light armor, Solarwind has come to rely on his solar sail, rather than energon and fossil fuels, as a power source. Should it be damaged, Solarwind will find himself losing power very quickly. This also makes him somewhat useless at night.

Note: Solarwind is a rename of the Micron Booster figure "Solar", a recolor of the Armada Mini-Con Oceanglide. He has been given a westernized name for the purposes of this project.


Next: A journey into the "X-Dimension", with a certain fiery trio...

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Posted 16 May 2011 - 12:38 PM

I remember you showing me these before! They're still awesome. icon-ironhide.gif

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Posted 09 May 2012 - 07:07 PM

Road Rage
Function: Bodyguard
Re-purposed From: Shattered Glass Tracks
Strength ? 6 | Intelligence ? 7 | Speed ? 7 | Endurance ? 8 | Rank ? 5 | Courage ? 9 | Fireblast ? 8 | Skill ? 9

Bio: What with being versed in a variety of alien cultures and their customs, the Autobot known as Road Rage was a perfect choice to be selected as a body-guard for agents of the Cybertronian Interplanetary Relations Division. With her area of expertise, she was able to help improve relations with organic worlds by identifying potential and preventing interplanetary incidents. What's more, her kind and cheerful personality did as much to help talks and negotiations as the diplomats themselves did. However, beneath her charming, learned demeanor, Road Rage has a secret that she'd prefer to hide: when taking on her vehicle mode, she gets downright mean. This is due to a fatal error in her on-board navigational computer, which in turns affects her personality components, in turn causing Road Rage to become the surliest and most irritable thing on four wheels. This causes no end of embarrassment for Road Rage when she shifts back into robot mode and sees the effects of her vehicular rampages. As such, Road Rage prefers not to transform very often at all, and when she absolutely must, she instead tries to focus her rage on whatever threat may have prompted her to do so.

Abilities: Road Rage is equipped with two magnabomb missile-launchers, which can be deployed in either robot or vehicular mode (she uses them more liberally when taking the latter form). These missiles can disable threats quickly with their magnetic charges, which is of great benefit in her line of work as a bodyguard. In robot form, she's also has access to a plasma discharger, which has a limited range but is quite powerful. Finally, she has a secondary ?flight mode? for her sports-car mode which allows her to take to the air, affording her the option to take battles off road in ways few Autobots can afford.

Weaknesses: It goes without saying that Road Rage's shifts in personality make her a danger both to herself and everything around her. Furthermore, it can cause her to feel disoriented when shifting back into robot mode. This is more than a detriment to her mentally, however. The malfunction in her navigational computer makes it dangerous for Road Rage to drive, leading to potential accidents and unfavorable driving conditions. These risks multiply in flight mode, as it adds to the number of potential hazards increases significantly. Finally, Road Rage has no protection from her own magnabombs, thus making her susceptible to their effects.

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Posted 22 July 2012 - 02:06 PM

Function: Toxic Warfare
Re-purposed From: Transformers Prime Dark Energon Knock-Out
Strength ? 4 | Intelligence ? 9 | Speed ? 7 | Endurance ? 2 | Rank ? 4 | Courage ? 9 | Fireblast ? 4 | Skill ? 10

Bio: Though he himself is obscure and poorly known, Blight is responsible for weaponizing one of the most notoriously horrific substances known to Cybertronian civilization: Toxic Energon. Given the task of turning the naturally occurring substance into a bio-weapon, Blight succeeded with aplomb ? perhaps too well. Not only did ?Tox-En? go on to become one of the Decepticons' most lethal and heinous weapons, Blight somehow managed to develop symbiosis with it, effectively turning the Decepticon scientist into a walking plague. Blight became so dangerous to everyone around him, his fellow Decepticons found themselves unable to properly dispose of him, opting instead to maroon him on a distant planet. Blight has since escaped from his exile, driven mad by this betrayal and the centuries of exposure to his own creation. Now, he ventures across the stars, hunting for any Decepticon remnants scattered across the cosmos. Megatron wanted a plague, and Blight is now hellbent on providing him with one.

Abilities: Due to his symbiosis with Toxic Energon, simply being near Blight causes one to be exposed to its debilitating effects. Furthermore, using his ?Injector Prod?, he's able to fire concentrated bursts of corrosive Energon from a distance. Furthermore, the weapon has an armor-piercing spike that directly injects Tox-En into his victim's spark chamber. In the event that this is not immediately lethal, it is quick-acting, providing his victim with a short but agonizing death. His time spent in exile has led to him refining his combat skills, making him a dangerous opponent to face alone. He has a ground vehicle mode capable of short bursts of high speed as well.

Weaknesses: Blight's symbiosis with the Tox-En is not without its drawbacks. The substance corroded his joints and articulation servos, meaning that prolonged physical action tends to cause him weariness and pain. This forces him to rely on dispatching his enemies quickly, or by evading them until they begin succumbing to exposure. Blight's own armor is brittle and without his Injector Prod, he is physically weak, leaving him with his plague radiation as his only means of damaging an opponent. He also has low endurance in vehicle mode, as the Tox-En quickly renders any fuel he consumes useless as a power source. This forces Blight to rely on stockpiling large amounts of extra Energon, which he has to keep in a specialized storage hold, protected from his own toxic nature.

Decepticon Infiltrator
Re-purposed From: Transformers Prime Dark Energon Wheeljack
Strength ? 6 | Intelligence ? 9 | Speed ? 8 | Endurance ? 6 | Rank ? 7 | Courage ? 10 | Fireblast ? 6 | Skill ? 9

Bio: A ?shifter? like his deceased comrade Makeshift, Slicer was famous among the Decepticon secret police for using his ability to assume any appearance in order to infiltrate Autobot ranks. Once inside, he would use his particular talent for ultra-violence to eliminate his targets, who met their end believing they'd been betrayed by a trusted comrade. This worked out exceedingly well for Slicer, whose actual identity was unknown to the Autobots he preyed upon... that is, until the day he encountered Dark Energon while working an infiltration op. The encounter had the effect of trapping Slicer in his current state, effectively ridding him of his ability to assume multiple appearances. Knowing this would make him a liability to the secret police, and that he'd become a target for elimination himself, Slicer has no choice but to continue living a lie by impersonating an Autobot. All the while, he finds himself struggling to suppress his violent impulses while praying that his former comrades never catch up to him.

Abilities: Ordinarily, like all ?shifters?, Slicer has a transformation cog that allows him to scan multiple forms and alter his appearance drastically, but with his current mode-lock, he is beholden to his current robot and vehicle mode. He transforms into a high-speed pursuit vehicle which affords him great mobility on even ground. In robot mode, his primary weapons are two micro-edged swords capable of slicing clean through solid metal. As a trained assassin, he wields these blades with great skill, but in order to not blow his cover, Slicer must ?hold back? lest someone wonder why an Autobot of unremarkable background possesses such ability.

Weaknesses: The stress of his current situation has taken its toll on Slicer's psyche, and with each cycle, he grows more desperate and paranoid. He sees enemies all around him, and constantly fears elimination by either them or his fellow Decepticons. His increasing instability poses a danger to his cover, and leads to potential mistakes. Furthermore, the damage to his ?T-cog? done by the Dark Energon causes him pain whenever he transforms back and forth to vehicle mode, which he has to take great care to hide. Other than that, Slicer's vehicle mode handles poorly on uneven terrain, and the necessity of ?holding back? in combat has put him in physical danger fairly often.

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 08:37 PM

Sorry I havn't had a chance to respond to these until now. Busy day.

I really like what you did here. Linking Blight's team function to Tox-En and the "Dark Energon repaint" concept is a really nice fit. It also provides a really good reason for his fragillity. I can totally envision him as a mad scientist whose become, through his one invention, a sort of decaying plague-master almost-undead litch THING, terribly sick and broken, but terribly powerful in that sickness. Damn it you've made me want the toy even more than I already did from sticking the Blight name on it. icon-arcee.gif And this is exactly who he's gonna be.

-ZacWilliam, These cool bios make me really wish these were officially new characters. I mean they are aiming them at online fans already. I, personally, think adult fans would be WAY more excited by NEW Prime universe characters than more (sigh ) repaints. Certainly when one of those repaints isanother BB. They've got striking unique looks, they really should have given them unique character/fictions to match. I really think it would have upped their sales. But on the upside, this way WE get to do this. icon-hotrod.gif

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 10:41 AM

Heh, thanks, I'm glad you like Blight, Zac.

I should note, I'm willing to take requests!

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 09:59 AM

Breaking from the format a little, here's my bios/western re-names for the Arms Microns.

Sub-Group: Arms Mini-Con
Alternate Mode: Ion Blaster

One of two partners to the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, Optimal believes that someone in his position cannot be anything less than a perfectionist. Meticulous, detail-oriented, and logical thinking, he assists the Autobot commander in a wide variety of tasks, such as refining battle strategies and making sure that he and his fellow Arms Mini-Cons act as efficiently as possible in their duties. This has as many negative aspects as it does positives, as Optimal can be uncompromisingly rigid and unable to adapt to scenarios that are not running as smoothly as he would like. Optimal turns into an ion blaster, whose energy output is carefully measured by Optimal each and every time Optimus Prime pulls the trigger.

Sub-Group: Arms Mini-Con
Alternate Mode: Double-barreled cannon

Doublebarrel is the opposite of his twin brother, Gunbarrel, in that he's rambunctious, violent-tempered, and eager to let loose on anything that gets in his way. For that reason, many believe that it would be better for all 'bots involved if the twins switched alternate modes and partners, as Doublebarrel suits Cliffjumper's mannerisms and combat style far more than he does Bumblebee's. Doublebarrel is constantly looking for a scrape to get into, which causes his more reserved twin a great deal of frustration.

Sub-Group: Arms Mini-Con
Alternate Mode: Triple-barreled cannon

Gunbarrel and Doublebarrel are considered brothers because they were created during the same procedure and because they came on-line at almost the exact-same moment. Though they share feelings of a familial nature and both turn into weapons, the pair could not be more different. Gunbarrel is reserved and measured compared to his more hot-headed brother, which also puts him at odds with his partner, the rough-and-tumble Cliffjumper. Even Gunbarrel's alternate mode seems like an odd fit, as he'd rather be a long-ranged weapon capable of precision shooting rather than the noisy sprayer of gunfire that he turns into now. Despite these drawbacks, Gunbarrel is determined to prove his worth and overcome his limitations.

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 11:01 AM

I decided I'm gonna be redoing my approach to the Arms Microns.

and the next two Dark Energon repurposings are on the way.

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 05:33 PM

Looking forward to it icon-hotrod.gif

-ZacWilliam, it's part of the fun of TFs to come up with stuff like these IMO.
Ever wonder about the speed of Turbofoxes?
Or the proverbial ailerons of Titanium Moosebots?

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 05:17 PM

Wish i'd seen these sooner. Great repurposing for the dark energon repaints, i like how you did Slicers shifter based backstory, connecting him to makeshift and the intrigued idea of a con spy forced to be an autobot while slowly cracking from paranoia.

And the Arms Micron Bios are neat. Will you do them for con weapons to? Like Jida and Zamu

Maybe Dark Energon Megs could be a version of Megaplex? A body clone Megs tries to make as a decoy that gets overcharged by the Dark stuff creates a whole seperate being with all of Negs skills.

Sorry, but after reading your Blight and Slicer biosit just struck me. What do you think?


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