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Attactix Bios

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:04 PM

Seeing the new pics of Series 2 inspired me to make these. Hope you guys like 'em.

Function: Tactician

Seemingly a normal Omnicon, the former Skyblast-unit is really anything but. Originally a normal technician working in Energon treatment, the Transformer who would be known as ?Thrust? began to exhibit rebellious and even violent tendancies. Eventually, he rebelled against his people, and defected from the Autobots, joining the crew of the nefarious Decepticon pirate, Cannonball. Thrust then rose through the ranks of the Sea Slag, becoming the ship's tactician.

Little does anyone know the truth... that Thrust's change in behavior is due to the Omnicon encountering the spark of one of Unicron's victims, which had been released by the destruction of the Black Hole. The spark has been absorbed into Thrust's own, leading to his new identity. Thrust has no memory of this spark's former life, but its influence is the reason for his change in alignment, and the development of his tactical skills. Unfortunately, it's also created a desire for power... and not even being Cannonball's right-hand-bot may be enough for him.

Function: Infantry

After the defeat of Galvatron on Cybertron's moon, it was assumed that the war with the Decepticons was over... finished. But then, after the departure of the four star ships, the remnants from the Powerlinx Battles, who had been driven to the planet Chaar a decade before, suddenly attacked Cybertron. And what's more... they had a new weapon: The Decepticlones, an army of sparkless soldiers created to fuel a new war effort.

Soulless and relentless, a single Decepticlones may not be much alone, but when attacking en masse, they can be a formidable fighting force. And with Cybertron, Velocitron, and Gigantion's greatest leaders gone, Jetfire has the greatest task of his career ahead of him.

Function: Infantry

Faced with the monumental task of facing the new army of Decepticlones, Jetfire was faced with one option. He called the Omnicons back from the distant world they had inhabited since the end of the Powerlinx Battles, and instructed them to commission a fighting force to combat the Decepticlones. Though the Omnicons are naturally not very good fighters, they were more than capable of building them, and with the help of engineers from Gigantion, they managed to create an army of drone fighters of their own, based on Signal Flare.

Unlike the Decepticlones, the Omnicon drones retain their spark-form counterparts' ability to manipulate Energon. Their ability to weild Energon Weapons and Energon Stars in battle gave them an advantage, and they managed to repel the Decepticlone invasion and push the Decepticons back to Chaar. With this new conflict over, the Omnicons have become a staple of the four worlds' defense forces. There exist two varieties... a standard version, and a ?commander? class with artificial ?Super Energon? enfused into its armor.

(Note - The mention of the "second type" is an effort to explain the color-scheme of the series-2 Omnicon release.)

Wind Sheer (Based on Series 2 Decepticon "Mini-Con")
Function: Recon

A Mini-Con hailing from Gigantion, Wind Sheer never felt that he fit in on his homeworld. He craved a life of travel, of excitement, of adventure. It seemed that his opportunity had finally come when Transformers from Cybertron made contact with his world, and he wasted no time in stowing away on one of the numerous transport ships visiting Gigantion. But then, he would have no idea that said ship would be raided by the Sea Slag, captained by the infamous pirate Cannonball.

Cannonball found Wind Sheer among the ship's crew, and immediately took an interest in the young Mini-Con. After learning Wind Sheer had been an archivist on the builder world, he forced the Mini-Con to join his crew and provide him information on Gigantion's resources. What's more, Cannonball keeps the Mini-Con at his side at all times, usually forcing him to sit on his shoulder like an Earth-parrot. In some ways, Wind Sheer finally has the life of adventure he always wanted... just without any actual freedom.

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Posted 13 January 2007 - 12:29 AM

... *pokes thread* ?

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Posted 13 January 2007 - 01:35 AM

Interesting storyline ideas in there. I like Wind Sheer's bio best of the four.

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