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Parting with most of my collection

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Posted 04 December 2006 - 06:50 PM


I have the following items available for a reasonable offer.

Ironhide + Mirage (Basics set of 2)
Hot Shot + R.E.V. (Basics set of 2)
W.A.R.S. + Crosswise (Basics set of 2)
Prowl 2 + Side Wipe (Basics set of 2)
Side Burn + Daytonus (Basics set of 2)
Optimus Prime (Basic)
Ultra Magnus (Basic)
Side Burn (Deluxe, Blue version)
Side Burn (Deluxe, Red version)
Prowl (Deluxe, Blue version)
Prowl (Deluxe, White version)
X-Brawn (Deluxe, Silver version)
X-Brawn (Deluxe, White version)
Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper (Mega set)
Nightcruz, Mirage GT, Scavenger (Mega set)
Sky-Byte (Mega)
Dreadwind & Smokejumper (Target Exclusive, Mega)
Midnight Express, Rapid Run, & Railspike (3 Megas, Combine to form Rail Racer)
Air Attack Optimus Primal (TRU Exclusive, Super)

Landfill =
> Heavy Load
> Hightower
> Grimlock
> Wedge

Spychangers Exclusives (all unopened) =
> Crosswise / Sportscar (clear-over-blue)
> W.A.R.S. / Wicked Attack Recon Sportscar (clear red)
> Mirage / Race Car (clear + blue/red details)
> Ironhide / Truck (clear "ox")
> Hot Shot / Sportscar (clear black = onyx)
> R.E.V. / Race Exertion Vehicle (clear orange)

Grindor/HighWire/Sureshock (Mini-cons)
Jetstorm/Runway/Sonar (Mini-cons)
Bonecrusher/Knock Out/Wreckage (Mini-cons)
Sideways (Super /Crosswise & Rook)
Terrorsaur (Super, /Ironhide)
Tidal Wave (Giga, /Ramjet)
Cyclonus (Super/Crumplezone)

Cruellock (Basic)
Insecticon (Basic)
Divebomb (Basic)
Snow Cat (Deluxe)
Mirage (Mega)

Razorclaw (Ultra)
Reptilion (Deluxe)
Blackarachnia (Deluxe)

Armada 100pc Megatron Puzzle with 50pc Cyclonus Bonus Puzzle (I have two sets, unopened)
Optimus Prime Christmas Light (RID - I have 3 unopened)
Armada 100pc Megatron Puzzle without Bonus Puzzle
Armada 100pc Starscream Puzzle

Heroes of Cybertron Act 1 Optimus Prime (unopened)
Heroes of Cybertron Act 1 Starscream (unopened)
Heroes of Cybertron Act 1 Skywarp (unopened)
Heroes of Cybertron Act 1 Megatron (unopened)
Heroes of Cybertron Act 1 Megatron/Mace (unopened)

Unless noted, they are all "used" in the sense that they were opened and placed on display. If opened, they were opened with the utmost of care, typically with a razor knife along the lower edge of the bubble packaging. No parts are damaged, worn, or missing. But there might be a slight bit of dust here and there. I am not a smoker, so there's no sticky tar buildup. They were not exposed to direct sunlight, so there's no fading. In short: they're in fine shape.

I'm selling most of my collection: they do me no good in boxes. So this list will expand as I unpack more from storage and check each individually.

I think I've opened enough for the time being. If anyone is interested in any of the above, or something (mostly from the RID line) else--I have most of them, just not unopened--e-mail me.


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