LEGO From 1997 Container Spill Still Being Washed Ashore. Watch Where You Step.

A freak wave knocked 62 containers off a shipping vessel headed for New York. 17 years later,  it’s still washing up on beaches in England, and is by now a plausible find on beaches worldwide. Appropriately, most of the 4.8 million LEGO parts lost were nautical-themed. Irony or serendipity?

Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans Show Off MP Star Saber, Campaign Micron Astrotrain

As it turns out, it’s time for another round of hobby magazine scans from Japan! August’s issue of Figure Oh! has plenty to offer giving us another look at Masterpiece Star Saber and our first good look at the smaller Saber robot, A Bathing Ape’s exclusive MP-10 Convoy in green, new images of Transformers Expo […]

25% Off Select Collectibles at

If you’re looking to stock up on some of the collectibles that you’ve been holding off on, head over to!  The toy store is currently offering a 25% off sale on a rather large assortment of figures from a number of different brands. Transformers fans, however, might be interested in the Age of Extinction […]

TFsource 7-21 Weekly SourceNews! KFC’s Tempest Instock!

Greetings Sourcefans! This week we have new instock items like KFC – CT-02 Tempest, Fans Style Upgrade Kits for MP-17, MP-18 and MP-19, Fansproject – Function X-2: Quadruple-U and Fansproject – Warbot – WB0004 Revolver. We also have new preorders including Henkei Jetfire – Cybertron Con 2013 Exclusive, TF Go Japanese Exclusives G26 & the […]

In-depth Review – FT Scoria

Scoria, Fanstoys’ edition to the 3P Masterpiece-sized world and their first of a new line of MP level Not-Dinobots has been out in the wild for a few weeks now.  If you weren’t one of the early-adopters and have been waiting for the reviews to come in Maz, TFSource blogger and Transformers Collector, has posted […]

Takara LA Series DVD Special Entries

Those buying Takara’s LA toy series will have a DVD packaged with it, “Transformers: Lost Age The Great Autobot Gathering! -  Toy & Movie Special DVD”, the entire length that of 45 minutes. Courtesy of Autobase Aichi, there’s a breakdown – no pun intended – of the DVD’s listing.

TFcon Chicago – Registration Now Open!

It’s time!  Attendee registration is now open for TFcon Chicago.  Want to go?  Follow this link to their registration page and get busy! TFcon is a very successful fan run event that features great guests like this year’s Alan Oppenheimer, voice actor for G1 Beachcomber, Warpath, and Seaspray.  They have a large dealer room and […]

TFCC Thrustinator – Another Set of In-Hand Images

As the release for this subscription figure nears, we are starting to see more images pop up of him on the interwebs.  In this latest batch of images, shared via his phot0bucket account, TFW2005 board member Red Snarl gives us some new shots with closeups of the head and comparison images with other bots.  He’s […]

Iacon Gallery Spotlight — Transformers “Age of Extinction” Crosshairs by Cheetimus Primal

Once again Allspark-born member, moderator, and customizer extraordinaire Cheetimus Primal has worked his magic on another Hasbro offering. He’s taken the mass-release version of the recent “Transformers: Age of Extinction” figure of Autobot Crosshairs and added all the missing details that really bring this figure to life. After all, with the attitude this guy demonstrated […]

Masterpiece Star Saber Brofist

Thanks to Takara TF designer Hisashi Yuki comes the best brofist pictures you’re going to see all year… Star Saber style! See the ultra articulated fist of the upcoming Masterpiece figure showing solidarity to his original self below, proving that even an old antiquated bot deserves some love!

Voyager Brainstorm In-Package Picture

Last night we posted the images from Transformer Colombia featuring the upcoming Generations Deluxes. Added to that list are some new official photos and an in-package picture of Voyager Brainstorm, who also happens to be a Headmaster who’s head converts into “Pilot”. Check out the pics below and be sure to stop by our ongoing […]

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