SDCC 2014 Marvel Product Presentation Images and Full Galleries

Hasbro had a pretty great showing for their Marvel line up this year at SDCC during the Hasbro Brand Presentation for all things Marvel. Lots of surprises including not only the Thanos Build-A-Figure but also an Agent Coulson figure. There are images from the 6 inch series, the 3.75 inch series as well as the […]

5 Minute Preview of the Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode is now Online!

Remember when the production teams on the Simpsons and Family Guy hated each other? Well, they still kinda do, but they’ve gotten over it just enough to create a crossover episode between the two shows. “The Simpsons Guy” will be the  title of the September 28th season premiere of Family Guy which takes the Griffin […]

Transformers Toy Sighting Round-Up

Have you been glued to your computer all weekend reading up on Comic-Con, Anime-Con Hong Kong, and Summer Wonder Festival news? Well get outside and go out on  toy hunt! As we mentioned yesterday, we’re getting various reports of things like Masterpiece Sunstorm and Prowl, Custom Kreons Wave 2, Rescue Bots Epic Figures… and there […]

More Images From Summer Festival 2014 – Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, Prime 1 Grimlock Statue

The hits keep coming! Also in from Summer Wonder Festival 2014 in Japan are new images of Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, and Prime 1′s Grimlock statue. The Playstation Optimus Prime image shows the gray resin prototype for the action figure (previously we had only seen the concept art). The prototype display gives a […]

Images from Summer Wonder Festival 2014 – Kotobukiya D Style Prime, Gigantic Action Scorponok and Black Zarak

Looking for even more toy news after the surge of SDCC 2014 coverage the last few days? Summer Wonderfest 2014 is going on right now in Japan, and there are some cool things to look at on display there as well! First up, and hard to miss, are the Gigantic Action Mega Zarak (Scorponok) and […]

Wave 2 Movie Custom Kre-O – Rescue Bot Epic Optimus – Found at U.S. Retail

Another siting, this time a bit more substantiated.  It looks like Kre-O fans and Rescue Bot fans can be happy as wave 2 movie custom Kre-O and Epic 22″ Rescue Bot Optimus has been found at U.S. retail.  TFW board member JakeOutlander reported today that he found them at a Toys R Us in San […]

Masterpiece Prowl Spotted @ U.S. Retail?

Take this with a grain of salt lads and ladies since we are still absent any receipt or confirmation of price, but late last night on the TFW boards member vvvTheONEvvv reported finding TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Prowl and buying it.  This member lives in Clovis, CA. You can see this member’s post here.

Amazon Exclusive G1-Colors Slog Now Up For Pre-Order

How’s that for a fast turnaround? The G1-colors Transformers: Age of Extinction Voyager Slog (Sludge) revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this week is now available for pre-order on! This figure – exclusive to the site – is meant to complete the SDCC Dinobots set of Grimlock, Strafe, Slug, and Snarl. Like those four figures, […]

Topeam Jazz Super Deformed Figure

Topeam has posted prototype images of their next planned release, a super-deformed figure of Jazz! Topeam previously released an Optimus Prime figure as well as its Nemesis Prime redeco. The Jazz figure, like the Optimus Pime figure before him comes as a kit that requires assembly, and can transform without being disassembled. The figure stands […]

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