Spider-Man Summer 2015 Teaser

Marvel Comics continues their tradition of summer teasers for major titles with their release of the latest Spider-Man teaser. Featuring Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson set against a backdrop reminiscent of their famous wedding issue cover, this teaser features a young girl who is seemingly their daughter and the tag line “Renew Your Vows.” […]

Final Transformers Cloud Story Now Online

The battle for Cloud City has reached a crescendo! Both sides face off in this final battle as the Autobots fight to save the City and its AI – SARA – from the Decepticons’ evil plans. Good vs. Evil, Matrix vs. Unicron, Optimus vs. Megatron, the battles each come to a crashing conclusion! Check out […]

Transformers Cloud Micron, EZ Collection Gifts with Roadbuster & Hellwarp Pre-Orders

Takara Tomy Toy Mall are apparently feeling generous! They’ve just announced that the first 500 people (including those who have already ordered) who place pre-orders for Transformers Cloud Roadbuster will receive one of 3 free gifts – the clear blue O.P. Micron, the clear yellow Firebolt Micron, or the clear red EZ Collection Optimus Prime […]

Rebel Scum Reviews Rebels Saga Legends Wave 1

Now this is how you do reviews. Rebel Scum has posted their review of Hasbro’s Rebels Saga Legends Wave 1. The reviews are limited half a dozen lines or less, offer insightful comparison to other releases, and are accompanied by a series of perfectly angled turn-around photos. It’s a great review of this first wave […]

Age of Extinction Deluxe Wave 3 Sighted at US Retail

It comes as a relief to finally be able to report a US retail sighting of the Age of Extinction Deluxe Wave 3 featuring Snarl, Bumblebee and Hot Shot. This sighting was in Portland, Oregon and marks a hopeful benchmark for those of us hoping to at last complete our movie Dinobot collection. Now let’s […]

In Package Images Of Black Knight Scorn and Slug

Robot Kingdom have updated with in-package photos of this week’s Takara Tomy release of their exclusive Black Knight Scorn and Slug. Scorn is a combined exclusive for Edion, Kojima toy department, Bic Camera, Best Denki and Yamada Denki. Slug is combined exclusive Joshin Kids Land and Yodobashi Camera. Enjoy the pics after the fold.

Unique Toys shows off Ordin-02: ALBERICH

Our friends over at TFSource have sent along official photos of the latest figure from Unique Toys. Alberich is the second bot in their Ordin combiner, and looks just right to fill a Rippersnapper-sized hole in your Transformers collection.

TFSS 2.0 Treadshot, Chromedome, and Rewind Available in the Club Store

For fans that passed on the subscription or want to get duplicates, Treadshot, Chromedome, and Rewind are now available individually in the Transformers Collectors’ Club Store! These three are the last figures from Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 to be made available this way. Treadshot is $59.00, Chromedome is $69.00, and Rewind is $49.00. Rewind does […]

Play With This Too Blood Bath Color Concept Art

Play With This Too has revealed a full-color version of the concept art for their proposed Blood Bath design. This figure would be part of their upcoming third party toy Kickstarter campaign and is said to be a remold of their Desolator figure. Hit the jump for the pics.

Mastermind Creations Seraph Prominion Testshot Gallery

Thanks to MMC Hub we have new pictures of  Seraph Prominion, a Nova Prime homage, from third party manufacturer Mastermind Creations. He’s shown here next to Masterpiece Prowl for size comparison. Hit the jump for the details.

Transformers (RiD) #35: Days of Deception

iTunes has updated their site with the latest preview for Transformers (Rid) #35 Days of Deception begins! PROWL and the CONSTRUCTICONS hunt the world’s deadliest game—three humans with a history of fighting CYBERTRONIANS! Lines are drawn as human and machine alike are drawn into—the ONYX INTERFACE! Click here or the image below to download from […]

Official Transformers Decals from BigBadToyStore

Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has informed us that they will be carrying the officially licensed Transformers decals from Ocean Designs that the we first reported on last week. The initial offering includes sheets of various Autobot and Decepticons symbols as well as character-specific sets, initially for the Masterpiece product line. With these officially Hasbro-licensed stickers now […]

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