Real Robotics: 1,024 tiny robots learn to work together, mimic shapes

Taking a break from fiction, today we bring you a bit of Transformers-relevant news from the world of science! Harvard University researchers have taught a swarm of 1,024 small robots called ‘Kilobots’ to work together and emulate shapes, the BBC reports.

Topeam Super Deformed Jazz Color Images

We previously reported that a super deformed figure of Generation 1 Jazz was in the works by third party company Topeam. Now, color images of the figure have surfaced online. This figure can be transformed into car mode without removing any of its parts. Topeam will release this figure in October 2014 with a selling […]

New Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Samples

Following their wildly successful Kickstarter, our friends at Boss Fight had some new hand-painted samples of their upcoming Vitruvian HACKS releases on display at NJCC. The Toyark brings us the coverage of this legendary new toy line. We’ve collected a few of our favorites after the jump, but head over to the original article at […]

Andrew Griffith to Attend TFcon Chicago 2014

TFcon Chicago announced that the notorious Transformers artist Andrew Griffith will be in attendance at this years convention! He will be available all weekend for commissions, prints and signings in the TFcon Chicago artist alley! TFcon Chicago will be held October 24th – 26th at the Hyatt Regency O’ Hare  (9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, Illinois). […]

TFsource 8-18 Weekly SourceNews! Transformers Generations Preorders, Star Cats and More!

Greetings Sourcefans!This week we have new preorders up for items like Transformers Generations Chromia, Arcee, and Brainstorm, Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Trailer – Asia Exclusive Reissue, Kids logic – MN-05 Mecha Nations Starscream, Xovergen – TF-02 God Armor Add on Kit for MP-10, Iron Factory – IF-EX02 Slammer & Scamp Set, TFC Toys Phobos and Hydrant! Visit the Source Blog for our […]

New items in the TCC store – Cloud Megatron, Cloud Optimus Prime, TFSS 2.0 Figures

The official Transformers Collectors’ Club have sent word that they’ve listed new items in the Club Store. The new listings include five new figures – Transformers Cloud Optimus Prime, Transformers Cloud Megatron, TFSS 2.0 Month 1 Figure Barricade, TFSS 2.0 Month 2 Figure Fisitron, TFSS 2.0 Month 4 Figure Thrustinator, as well as issue #58 […]

Transformers Movie Character Stickers from LINE Store

LINE has added Transformers movie character stickers to their lineup of stickers that can either be purchased or sent as a gift to a friend via your mobile phone or device. The stickers feature cute movie versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Megatron, Shockwave and many others in some very expressive action stances. View the stickers […]

Transformers: Age of Extinction Magazine from Titan UK

The fine folks over at Titan UK have sent us a sample issue of their Transformers: Age of Extinction magazine. For those of you that are familiar with the format of Titan’s magazines, this one follows pretty much the same recipe – games, mazes, trivia, character biographies, and a comic book. Since most of these […]

The Collected TF Expo Nemesis Prime Comic

We at the Allspark have been bringing you the individual scans of the Transformers Expo x Yokohama Campaign Nemesis Prime comic as they rolled in, but thought we should take the opportunity to collect all the pages in a final gallery as well. As previously reported, the comic features the give-away clear red Legends Optimus […]

You Know You’re In The UK When…Paladone Transformers Merchandise

The fine folks at Paladone bring us a fresh gallery of some of their Transformers Lisenced Merchandise. Posted are a collection of keychains, 3D puzzles, office supplies, stress balls, mugs, gadgets and (this report’s favorite item) the Optimus Prime egg cup. “Breakfast in Disguise,” indeed. Hit the jump for the gallery, and check out Paladone’s […]

TFSS 2.0 Treadshot Quick Gallery and Review!

News came earlier this week that the next installment of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 had begun to ship, and speculation began as to who would be the first figure to arrive.  Yesterday, the Catgut was let out of the bag as reports of Treadshot and his Micron partner began to surface.  I was […]

Disney to Release Original, Unaltered, Uncut Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray

UPDATE! This report has since been debunked. Ever since the Special Edition versions of the original Star Wars Trilogy was released back in the 1990′s, Star Wars fans have been asking for the unaltered, uncut footage as well (you know, where Han shoots first!) but such requests have thus far fallen on deaf ears over […]

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