BotCon 2015 Registration Fixed and Live Once More!

BotCon has just posted an update for their registration over on their Facebook page stating that registration for the con is now live again! They say that their vendor has spooled it up as fast as it can go and that if it doesn't work this time then they will be looking at a completely […]

Diamond Shipping List for June 3rd

There's not a lot heading your way next week, fans, but IDW and Diamond will be putting a few books in your hands. Check out your weekly Diamond Shipping List for Transformers and MLP titles scheduled to arrive in stores and on screens on June 3rd.

Hot Topic to buy ThinkGeek in $122Million Deal

You'll soon be able to get your Enterprise pizza cutters and studded leather chokers in one place, as Hot Topic has announced plans to purchase ThinkGeek's parent company, Geeknet.

TnR Shows Pics of TR-01, Resembling Jazz

Transform & Rollout (TnR), a third-party company, has shown pictures of its upcoming TR-01 which closely resembles Jazz.  There's no further info about the figure, but we know it's expected to come out later this year, and Big Bad Toystore (BBTS) has a preorder page for it.  Read on for the links, pics, and discussion […]

Combiner Hunters Chromia

Following in the footsteps of yesterday's article for Combiner Hunters Arcee, we know have images of Combiner Hunters Chromia.  Chromia features an all new paint job swapping her two tone blue deco for white and blue with flames.  Not to be outdone by Arcee, Chromia features an all new warpaint deco on her face.  Popular […]

Combiner Hunters Arcee

TF-Prototype has posted pictures of a black repaint of Generations Arcee, which may be an upcoming SDCC exclusive. Read on for the pictures.

BotCon 2015 Registration is Live

With the convention next month drawing ever nearer, the BotCon website has now been updated with the registration for the convention! If you're looking to grab any of those options that sell out quickly - Custom Class, Frank Welker VIP Experience, Golden Ticket, etc - hurry over to now and make your way through the registration process. […]

Fan Built Combiner Victorion's Powers Revealed

Via Toys R Us' Twitter account, we know now the special power the Fan Built Combiner Victorion will have!  Victorion's power will be the power of Gravity Control!  Thus far we also know that Victorion will be an all female Autobot team, with two jet and two sports / race car limbs, and the arch […]

New Images of Transformers Adventure Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Lockdown

Transformers designers Shogo Hasui and Hisashi Yuki have been tweeting out images of an invasion at the Takara Tomy offices. Or should that be "an infestation"? The tweets show off swarms of Transformers Adventure Bombshell and Shrapnel, as well as the figures in package. Also in the tweets are Transformers Adventure Lockdown, a repaint of the […]

New Images of Legends LG-EX Armada Megatron and Black Convoy

Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out some new photos of the Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive Legends LG-EX Black Convoy and Armada Megatron.  Black Convoy is seen riding the Legends version of Gelshark / Sky-Byte while Armada Megatron is posed next to his G1 predecessor.

Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Now on the Transformers App

The Official Transformers Hall of Fame voting is now available on the Transformers App.  In this round you have 3 categories to vote in.  Those categories include Best Combiner Character (with choices Bruticus, Devastator, and Predaking), Favorite Character (vote between Galvatron, Optimus Primal, and Prowl), and Best Musical Act Used in Transformers Branded Production (Ford […]

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #41 Five-Page Preview!

Our friends at IDW have supplied a five-page preview of Wednesday's MTMTE#41!

Platinum Reissue Trypticon with Package Art!

Thanks to Cybertron Philippines we have our first look at Reissue Trypticon and his admittedly awesome packaging art. This is the original Trypticon NOT the Gigastorm remold and this upcoming version looks to contain everything he did during his original release. With a reported cost of around $199 his asking price certainly matches his fictional […]

Combiners Wars Superion and Menasor Posters

The official Transformers Facebook page continues its May Mayhem updates, this time giving us some hi res images of posters celebrating Combiner Wars Superion and Menasor. The art and composition on these is really fantastic. Read on for the pics.

Unite Warriors 1984 Autobots Coming?!

Hisashi Yuki, fabled TakaraTomy designer, has been on a roll tonight.  First tweeting several images of the packaging for Unite Warriors Superion, now teasing a silhouette of what looks to be a TakaraTomy release of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime / Optimus Maximus, Ironhide, Prowl, Mirage, and Sunstreaker.  Fans speculated on whether TakaraTomy would release this […]

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