Oliver Queen Proves He Can Cowabunga with the Turtles – Entertainment Earth News

Reposted via our friends over at Entertainment Earth we get a first look at Stephen Amell of Arrow in costume as the vigilante Casey Jones. Check it out below the bump! (And be spoiled!)

Fish not Munky??? David Sobolov voices Gorilla Grodd on next week's "The Flash"

Transformers fans new and old will recognize voice actor and friend of The Allspark David Sobolov. Among his many roles and talents, he provided the voice for Depth Charge in Beast Wars and returned to the Transformers fold again most recently as Shockwave from Transformers: Prime. Having lended his voice to comic characters ranging from […]

New Image of Unite Warriors Superion

Transformers designer Hisashi Yuki has just tweeted out a new image of the upcoming Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion! The image shows us the combined mode for the Takara Tomy Aerialbots, giving us a great look at what sets him apart from the Hasbro toy. Of course the white hands and feet are the most obvious, […]

Combiners Wars Ultra Magnus Cockpit Concept Art

Andrew Griffith, of IDW fame, has taken to Tumblr share his design work on the upcoming Leader Class Ultra Magnus for Combiner Wars. Andrew makes it clear that Hasbro had already established much of the design concept prior to approaching him to flush out the interior, but it sounds like he had a blast with […]

Botcon Discussion Bits, Derrick J. Wyatt as a Guest, and Brochure Insights

Our ongoing Botcon megathread is now over 50 pages long, but the last few days have seen a flurry of activity with the brochure going live, Derrick J. Wyatt as a guest, the Oilmaster reveal, pics of a familiar-looking redeco of Roadbuster, and some information shared or clarified from Pete Sinclair of FunPub.  This thread […]

Mairghread Scott to Sign at Blastoff Comics Fest This Saturday

Mairghread Scott, writer for IDW's Transformers: Windblade, will appear and sign at a great Free Comic Book Day event this weekend.  On Saturday, May 2, she'll be at Blastoff Comics Fest, which will be held at the Federal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood, California from 10am to 4pm.  Read on for full details.

Transformers Asia MP-12 Sideswipe Re-Release Coming this September

Transformers Asia / Hasbro Asia will be re-releasing TakaraTomy's Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe) this September.  The figure will come with a yet to be revealed exclusive bonus.  This figure will be released in Asian territories excluding Japan.  What will the bonus be?  A rocket pack?  The Amazon exclusive pile drivers?

Prepare for May Mayhem with Combiner Wars

Hot on the heels of The Allspark's own March Mayhem combiners event, Hasbro is following suit for May! Truly, it's combiner May-nia in the world of the Transformers. Here's some information we have directly from Hasbro below the bump.

Transformers Combiner Wars Brake-Neck and Quickslinger Reveal and Review

One of the more interesting additions to this year's new Combiner Wars series of toys were the inclusion of new characters Alpha Bravo and Offroad on the Superion and Menasor teams. If you follow the IDW comics you'll understand why these characters are here (and do check them out, as they are great reads). But […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise Mobile App Reveals Megatronus, Prowl, and Ironhide

Mystery and intrigue have surrounded Transformers: Robots In Disguise Megatronus ever since the name popped up in Toys R Us inventory listings. Imagination swirled as fans tried to pin down just who this character could be... And now we're one massive step closer to knowing the answer! The Transformers: Robots In Disguise mobile app now […]

The End of an Era - Jon and Karl Hartman Selling the 2nd Half of Their Collection at BotCon 2015

If the exclusive toys, voice actors (yes we know how much Frank Welker's VIP pass costs), camaraderie with fellow friends, and news straight from the hasbro brand team weren't enough reasons to go to BotCon this year, here's another: Jon and Karl Hartman have announced that they will be setting up at the convention to […]

Roadbuster Repaint... Possible BotCon G2 General Optimus??

Pictures have popped up on Weibo.com of a repaint of Generation Roadbuster in a scheme very reminiscent of G2 General Optimus Prime! Is this a possible BotCon exclusive? Maybe a TFSS figure? Join in on the speculation in this thread!!

May 6th: A Week Without Comics.

We're sad to report that IDW Publishing has no new Transformers or MLP comics due out next week. Hey, was that a tumbleweed...?

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Fixit Jam Short

Random one-off shorts and Transformers cartoons aren't typically well-associated with one another. In fact, the only other time that we received newly animated shorts not at all part of the ongoing cartoon series was back during Transformers Animated. That may change now, however, as Hasbro has just updated the Official Transformers Facebook Page with a minute and […]

New IDW Transformers Listings on Amazon

Amazon US has been updated with listings for some new IDW Transformers releases coming out in September and October. Read on for links and details.

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