Four forgotten toy lines ripe for revival, plus one we never want to see again!

We were going to call this nostalgia blast "Only 80s kids will remember THIS!" but then we included a toy from the 1960s.

Fans demanded it. Hasbro gave it to them.

Due to an unfortunate glitch in the voting system, the Fan-Built Combiner poll Hasbro had been running has been scrapped. Don't worry, combiner fans! They're going with Plan B, and it's something fans have wanted for decades.

Four upcoming IDW titles that will change the way you think about comics!

The first one was impressive. When I saw number two, it blew my mind! It's your weekly Diamond Comics Shipping List, for Transformers and MLP titles arriving April 8th.

10 ballsy pranks involving Ultra Magnus that failed miserably

Facebook user Daim Choc has shared with us some in-hand pictures of Ultra Magnus posted on the social media site -- Both pics are of him in his robot mode but give us a good look at what we can expect from the final release. The Leader Class toy was first revealed to us […]

How Transformers Can Make You Filthy Rich

Our good friends over at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis have posted a guest article written by Ramon Campos, a Transformers designer working for Hasbro to talk a little bit about his experiences working for the brand and the thrill it gives him. You can read the article in its entirety on The Children's Museum […]

Twilight Sparkle Read This News. Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart.

We're still days away from the highly anticipated premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic's fifth season premiere, and Discovery Family Channel has just dropped a major bombshell.

Ultra Hi-Res Dengeki Hobby May 2015 Scans - Masterpiece Tracks, Adventure Wave 2, QTF

The Allspark has received the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby (May 2015) and provided scans of the Transformers related content.  In this issue are several views of the upcoming Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks.  In addition to Tracks is a good look at Adventure Nemesis Prime and Ultra Magnus.  Also QTF Nemesis Prime, G1 Optimus, and Lamborghini […]

Ultra Hi-Res Figure King #206 Scans - Masterpiece Tracks, Prime 1 Studio Drift, Adventure Wave 2

The Allspark has taken some hi-res scans of the latest issue of Figure King magazine, number 206, and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.  In this issue Prime Studio 1's Drift statue is covered, as well as Wave 2 of Adventure toys, MP-25 Tracks, Combiner Wars Menasor (with Wildrider), the next wave of QTF figures, […]

Roger Slifer Passes Away at Age 60

We are sad to report that, Transformers Producer Roger Slifer, passed away yesterday due to injuries he had during a hit-and-run incident in 2012. He was the associate producer of season 1 & 2 of Transformers G1; and he also worked on the 1986 movie holding the same title as he did on the TV […]

Rescue Bots Season 4 Confirmed

The Discovery Family Channel, formerly the Hub Network, has posted a press release detailing their programming plans for the 2015-16 period. Of interest to Transformers fans is the news that the popular Rescue Bots cartoon will be receiving a fourth season! Read on for the relevant section of the announcement.

Packrat Stock Photos Are Now Out!

Two Stock photos of the recently revealed BotCon Exclusive, Packrat, are now up on BotCon's website! They feature the figure in both alt modes! Packrat is a part of BotCon's 2015 5 figure box set and his title is "The Theif". You can click here to view both images of the figure. Don't forget to […]

First BotCon 2015 Exclusive Revealed!

The folks at BotCon have revealed their first 2015 Convention exclusive and it's a doozy! The reveal is done during a "surprise egg" video series in which the eggs will be opened one at a time, showing off the exclusive figures inside. Who is the first figure? Watch the video to find out! Look towards the […]

TFcon Charlotte 2015 Hotel Block Now Online

TFcon Charlotte has announced that their hotel block is now available online! You can book your room for the con by calling the Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord reservation department direct at 704-455-8200 or toll-free @ 1-800-EMBASSY and mention TFcon. When booking by phone, please ask for the TFcon rate to receive the discount. You can also book […]

Minor Update

Fans eager to see the BotCon figure reveals may have just gotten themselves a minor teaser for what's to come. The exclusives page at has now been updated with placeholder images for the soon-to-be-revealed 5-figure box set, each image featuring the nicknames "The Thief", "The Muscle", "The Loose Cannon", "The Boss", and "The Bounty […]

Mastermind Creations Reveals Anarchus (not-Kaon)

Mastermind Creations revealed their upcoming Anarchus figure at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.  Part of their Reformatted line, this figure is based on the design for Decepticon Justice Division Kaon in IDW's "More than Meets the Eye" series. Read on for links and the pictures.

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