Interview with Head of IT on Transformers Universe Multiplayer Role-Player

Tech site Computing brings us an interview with Barry Zubel, head of IT for Jagex, the folks helping to bring us Transformers Universe MMO. Mr. Zubel gets into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to deliver such an intense gaming experience to the consumer. Hit the jump for a brief snippet, and check […]

BoldForms Lone Wolf, the next Third Party Gestalt

Third Party manufacturer BoldForms brings us an in-progress image of their upcoming release Lone Wolf. This Voyager-sized not-Motormaster will have some Deluxe-sized limbs join it later next year to represent the next Third Party gestalt. With its clean lines, classic silhouette, and the clever incorporation of the characters boxy head, it’s pushing a lot of […]

New Shuraking SRK-01 Photos

Cybergeeks Alliance brings us some new photos for  G-Creations Shuraking SRK-01. This version of not-Sludge transformers into a leg as part of this team’s combining scheme and features classic clear-plastic-over-gold-chrome details. It’s certainly giving the other third party manufacturers a run for their money on this character. As always, pics after the jump.

Age of Extinction One-Step Stinger

The Transformers: Age of Extinction Walmart Exclusives continue to trickle out at retail in the Great White North. We brought you news of the release of the Legends Exlusives last week. Today we have a look at One-Step Stinger, found at a Hamilton, Ontario WalMart. He represents a step up on the Legends release, featuring […]

Transformers Expo Exclusive MP-12 Sideswipe Photos

One of the less notable, but still pretty neat, exclusives available at Transformers Expo is a re-release of Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe).  What’s special about this version of Lambor you may ask?  Well…

Custom Cardbacks With Display Cases Are Now Available Via Build-A-Brick

Kreons have proven to be the most addictive little Transformers figures we‘ve seen in a long time. With such a wide range of characters available, from the iconic to the obscure, there’s plenty of ways to highlight your favourites. This latest addition from Build-A-Brick might be the best customization available yet.

IDW Transformers Solicitations for November 2014

Thanks to Previews World we now have the IDW Transformers Solicitations for November 2014! As you check them out below don’t forget to drop a comment in our thread!

Real Robotics: 1,024 tiny robots learn to work together, mimic shapes

Taking a break from fiction, today we bring you a bit of Transformers-relevant news from the world of science! Harvard University researchers have taught a swarm of 1,024 small robots called ‘Kilobots’ to work together and emulate shapes, the BBC reports.

Hero-X Exclusive Shouki & Daniel Box Art Revealed!

Hero-X has updated their website with the box art that will be featured in their mail away exclusive Shouki and Daniel figure.  Shouki is a redeco of Classics Astrotrain in colors reminiscent of the Headmasters character while Daniel is a redeco of Power Core Groundspike meant to look like Skystalker.  The duo was only available […]

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