Iacon Update – Cheets Tweaks Custom IDW Jhiaxus Plus, a Custom Neon Genesis Grimlock (AoE Grimlock Repaint) By Unluckiness!

Just a quick update on some of the many things going on in The Iacon Art Gallery this week! Today our featured art will be a Cheets Tweaks Custom of IDW Jhiaxus while our other featured art is a cutsom AoE Grimlock painted in the colors of Unit-01 (the remake version) from Neon Genesis Evangelion […]

How to Dechrome Generations Leader Jetfire

The chrome that Hasbro added to the weapons and jet pack on their version of Generations Leader Class Jetfire has been met with a mixed reaction by the fans. There is good news though if you’re one of those that doesn’t like it – and it doesn’t involve importing the Takara Tomy version! All you […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise Product Information, Premiere Date

Or “informacion”, rather. Check out these developer notes for the Transformers Robots In Disguise toy line as well as a few other Transformers lines for next year! We get a look at gray prototypes and product information for Robots In Disguise Warrior Class, Legion Class, Hyperchange Heroes, and One-Step…and also a look at the Titan […]

Entertainment Earth Daily Deal: 25% Off TF Generations Figures

If you’ve skipped the last couple wave of Transformers Generations Deluxe figures, Entertainment Earth has a deal that might get you to change your mind! For today only, they are offering a 25% off sale on Deluxe Wave 8 and Deluxe Wave 9! Wave 8 is the wave of Armada Starscream, Scoop, Fall of Cybertron […]

FansProject Steel Core Trailer Refresher

It seems a timely contribution to share this photo gallery brought to us by Kuma Style, featuring a reminder of what the upcoming Trailer add-on for FansProject’s Steel Core will look like. The addition completes what was previously a rather wanting vehicle mode and, based on previous design sketches, acts as a troop transport of […]

Ript Apparel Transformers/Doctor Who Crossover

You only have a few hours left to get in on Ript Apparel’s Transformers/Doctor Who crossover apparel designed by foureyedesign. The artwork features an Optimus Prime that transforms in the Tardis and Shockwave that transforms into a Dalek. Hit the jump for the pics and the link.

Fans Project Core Premium Membership Announcement

The folks at Fans Project Core bring us news of their new Premium Membership program. This paid subscription service will offer fans a chance at some exclusive toys and the funds generated will be used to build the website experience that the creative minds at FP Core have always imagined it should be. This first […]

TFSS 3.0 Tarantulas – Second Version

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have heard fan input on the Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 Tarantulas mock-up that they revealed recently…and  they’ve taken it to heart! Their latest Facebook post now shows a new version of the Tarantulas mock-up with the deco shuffled around to better mimic Tarantulas’ TV show colors. Is it better? Worse? Join […]

Meet Angry Birds Red as Optimus Prime

RovioMobile has posted a new YouTube video of  Red from Angry Birds as Optimus Prime. The video shows him transform from robot to truck and back and then…dance the robot. Here’s what Rovio have to say about him: He’s brave, powerful, wise and just all-round awesome! A selfless leader, Optimus will do whatever it takes […]

New Prototype Images of Furyu “Lost Age” Bumblebee – livedoor.jp

Thanks to a user on livedoor.jp we now have new prototype images of the “Transformers: Lost Age” Furyu Bumblebee! You can check out these all new images in the gallery below!

Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Figure #3 Tarantulas!

The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has taken to Twitter to reveal the third figure in their Transformers Figure Subscription Service line up – Days of Future Past Tarantulas!

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