Second Printing of Transformers Legacy

If you haven’t ordered the Transformers Legacy book yet… well why not? It’s been getting glowing reviews from all across the fandom! In fact it’s sold well enough that it’s just been green-lighted for a second printing according to author Jim Sorenson: “I just learned from my editor that they’re already rolling out a second […]

New Age of Extinction Concept Art

The Transformers Movie Facebook page has been updated with new concept art from Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction. Check out these detailed images of character models of Lockdown, Grimlock, Scorn, Strafe, and Crosshairs. Hit the jump for the pics. Post by Transformers.

Warbotron Unofficial “LightSpeed” Prototype Images

Thanks to a Weibo user we now have some images of Warbotron’s newest project which is their own unofficial take of the technobot Lightspeed! This will turn out to be their second take on a technobot with the first being their unofficial Afterburner (WB-03A).

Additional In-Hand Images of MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee – Showing Transformation

Images are now popping up fast and furious on ACToys from user dlarirang.  This next set of images shows the detailed order transformation for this little yellow devil.  Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Official Stickers for Masterpiece Prowl & Wheeljack from Meteor Operations

Meteor Operations has released some officially licensed (by Hasbro) stickers for TakaraTomy’s Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl and MP-21 Wheeljack.  These stickers include extra logos, emblems, and other details that were either replicated on the original toy or real life car that each are based on.

IDW artist Alex Milne cancels TFcon Chicago appearance

Bad news for fans planning to attend TFcon Chicago this weekend; IDW Transformers artist Alex Milne tweeted this morning that he’ll be unable to attend as planned due to personal reasons. On the plus side, he also tweeted a preview of the cover for IDW’s Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #37!

Transformers Cloud Chapter 4 Part 5 Now Online

We’re edging closer to the end! Transformers Cloud Chapter 4 Part 5 is now online at Ehobby and Takara Tomy Toy Mall. The battle ramps up this issue with the Autobots and Decepticons facing off against each other… all while Unicron watches on hungrily. Check out Ehobby’s or Takara Tomy Toy Mall’s site for the […]

in-Hand Images of MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee

User dlarirang on ACToys has managed to get a hold of a few in-hand images of Takara Tomy’s MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee! The images show off the Bumblebee figure with his accessories, but without the Daniel in exosuit figure. Also, one of the images has Bumblebee standing next to Generations Deluxe Crosscut as a size comparison […]

Transformers: Legends Game Event – The B Team Part Deux

The newest Transformers: Legends game event is now waiting for you to join in the fun now that it has gone live! This new event is called The B Team Part Deux and is the second part of the event that took place on 6/29/13 called The Bee Team.

IDW January 2015 Solicitations

Thanks to our friends over at IDW we now have all the Solicitations for January 2015! Check them out below along with their covers at the very bottom!

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