IDW Kicks Open The Doors to Comic-Con With Orphan Black

If you haven’t been watching Orphan Black from BBC America and Temple Street Productions… Why the heck not? The acclaimed series has just finished its second series and has been renewed for at least a third, and has won or has been nominated just about any award for TV broadcast that you can think of… […]

Pre-order DLC for Transformers – Rise of the Darkspark – Now Available to You!

Via the Transformers : Rise of the Darkspark Facebook page we bring you good news if you are still a fan of the recent release of Transformers – Rise of the Dark Spark video game.  All the DLC that was available to the pre-order crowd has now been made available to you!  Check out the […]

LA Times Celebrates IDW’s 15th Anniversary. Ryall And Drifts And Ponies, Oh My!

The LA Times has published an article reflecting on IDW’s growth and history over the last 15 years, including how it came to be primarily known as a leading comics publisher, instead of just the design studio they intended at the beginning.

Deluxe Class Windblade – First Video Review

We have all been very curious about the Fan-created character that is now seeing realization in plastic form via the new Deluxe Class Windblade.  There have been numerous unofficial and official pictures of the mold.  But now prolific video reviewer Optibotimus has posted the first video review of the mold and goes into detail on […]

More Steve Jung TF4 Concept Art, Showing A Mix Of Used And Unused Designs

This is a real treat, as Steve Jung’s art always has a built-in ‘wow’ factor. Now we see his early Age Of Extinction designs including unused concept settings, and even a character that was dropped early on. Meet Widow Maker, after the jump.

Be@r Brick Optimus Prime and Megatron Released in Japan, In-Hand Images

For Transformers fans who like the weird, bizarre, or just plain cute, you should know that the first two Transformers Be@r Bricks have been released in Japan! Optimus Prime and Megatron (Bumblebee and Starscream will be released at a later date) convert from a Be@r Brick sporting their likeness into an actual robot mode. Yes […]

Official Images of Toys “R” Us Japan Exclusive Movie Advanced AD-EX Rollbar

Toys “R” Us Japan has posted a pre-order listing for their store exclusive Movie Advanced AD-EX Rollbar. A repaint of Generations Skids, Rollbar’s vehicle mode is redecoed to look like Shane Dyson’s rally car in the Age of Extinction movie. The figure is set for release on November 10, 2014, with a tag price of 2,999 […]

Mairghread Scott’s Comic-Con Schedule 2014

For those lucky fans going to this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, Transformers writer Mairghread Scott has updated her Tumblr page with her schedule for the convention. So if you want to listen in on one of her panels or get something signed, make sure you check out the schedule and see how it works out […]

Gigapower’s HQ-03 Guttur, the 3rd Party Dinobot with a Snarl

Third party toymaker Gigapower has released some new test shot photos of their upcoming release, HQ-03 Guttur. Scaled to play and display alongside your official Masterpiece series Transformers, the figure stands head and shoulders above MP-10 Optimus Prime.

LEGO From 1997 Container Spill Still Being Washed Ashore. Watch Where You Step.

A freak wave knocked 62 containers off a shipping vessel headed for New York. 17 years later,  it’s still washing up on beaches in England, and is by now a plausible find on beaches worldwide. Appropriately, most of the 4.8 million LEGO parts lost were nautical-themed. Irony or serendipity?

Hero-X/Million Publishing Transformers Generations 2014 Voting Results Revealed

As fans are most likely aware, Million Publishing have been running a poll in which the next Hero-X Transformers Generations exclusive figure would be decided. The choices were all fairly interesting: Alpha Trion from Generations Scourge, The Fallen from Generations Onslaught, Sunstreaker Police Type from Universe Sunstreaker, Smokescreen (G2) from Universe Smokescreen, Autobot Drift Black […]

Upcoming Lost Age Figures from Takara Tomy

Japanese online retailer  have listed a number of new, upcoming Transformers: Lost Age action figures from Takara Tomy. No images are shown, but most of the listings appear to be for Takara Tomy versions of the Power Battlers toys. Check out the following listings: LA14 Battle Command Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Powerhouse Set – […]

Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans Show Off MP Star Saber, Campaign Micron Astrotrain

As it turns out, it’s time for another round of hobby magazine scans from Japan! August’s issue of Figure Oh! has plenty to offer giving us another look at Masterpiece Star Saber and our first good look at the smaller Saber robot, A Bathing Ape’s exclusive MP-10 Convoy in green, new images of Transformers Expo […]

25% Off Select Collectibles at

If you’re looking to stock up on some of the collectibles that you’ve been holding off on, head over to!  The toy store is currently offering a 25% off sale on a rather large assortment of figures from a number of different brands. Transformers fans, however, might be interested in the Age of Extinction […]

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