New Images of LA-13 Nemesis Prime In and Out of Package

The folks behind the Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter account have posted four new images of Transofmrers: Lost Age/Age of Extinction LA-13 Nemesis Prime both in and out of package. This figure is a redeco of Power Battlers Optimus Prime, complete with furious sword-swinging action! Fans can expect this version of Nemesis Prime to be released […]

New Image of MP-24 Saber in Jet Mode, Painted Brain of Courage

Takara Tomy designers Hisashi Yuki continues his parade of Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber images with a new one showing off Saber’s jet mode. While we have seen this before several times, the image does give us one of our first looks at a fully painted Brain of Courage! Unfortunately the mini-figure is sitting in Saber’s […]

IDW Publishing – Transformers December 2014 Solicitations

The people behind IDW have finally released the Transformers December Solicitations and we here at The Allspark are more than glad to share them with all of you! We have also included the covers for these highly anticipated comics at the very end of this article so don’t forget to check them out as well […]

Unique Toys Ordin-01 Troll Official Images

Unique Toys has sent us official images of their upcoming release, Ordin O-01 Troll. Ordin is Unique Toys’ iteration of Generation 1 Abominus, and the first figure of the series, Troll, is their version of the Terrorcon Blot. Troll combines with the other four figures in this series to form Ordin, who will stand approximately 37CM/15″ […]

Carzap and Blackrock Revealed!

The Transformers Collector’s Club brings us the official detailed reveal of their upcoming Figure Subscription Service 3.0 member, Carzap. He comes with a Kreo gas pump that transformers into a battle station and everyone’s favorite industrialist, G.B. Blackrock! Hit the jump for the details and the pic.

TFsource 9-16 Weekly SourceNews! MMC Tigris & Talon Instock!

TFsource 9-16 Weekly SourceNews! MMC Tigris & Talon Instock!Greetings Sourcefans!This week we have new instock items like Reformatted – R-06 – Tigris the Shock Trooper, Reformatted – R-02 – Talon the Aerial Assaulter, Transformers 2014 – Generations Series 04 – Deluxe – Set of 4 Figures, Transformers 2014 – Generations Series 01 – Deluxe – Set of 4 Figures, Warbotron […]

Prime 1 Studio’s Grimlock & Optimus Statue

Prime 1 Studio has shared an extensive gallery of their upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Grimlock and Optimus Prime statue. Featuring LED and interchangeable legs so that Prime can stand tall or ride his beast of burden, this is one gorgeously detailed piece of art.

Ark Studios’ Datsun Brothers

Site sponsor BigBadToyStore brings us word of the initial offering from new third party manufacturer Ark Studios. These folks are kicking off their VIP line with an offering of Spectra, Peacekeeper, and Silverstorm. Fans of the original Transformers G1 cartoon might recognize them as the Datsun Borthers,  Smokescreen, Prowl, and Bluestreak.  At three inches long, […]

Iacon Art Gallery Character Spotlight: Injector

Our fine artists here at The Allspark’s Iacon Art Gallery have offered up a unique collection of pieces focusing on the lovably unloved fish-bug, Injector. From inks to colors to Kreon creations, it’s a treasure trove of takes on the Fuzor Who Shall Not Be Forgotten. Hit the jump for the gallery, and share your […]

Even More New Images of MP-24 Star Saber

Following Hisashi Yuki’s extensive look at the upcoming Masterpiece figure, Takara Tomy’s Transformers Twitter account has tweeted out three more new images of the Star Saber painted prototype. These show Star Saber’s vehicle mode and gives us our first look at how his shield ingeniously breaks apart to serve as a flight stand, Saber next […]

Tonight’s Face-Off Goes G.I. Joe!

If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, make sure that you check out tonight’s episode of the make-up and special effects reality show, Face-Off! The challenge given to this season’s artists will be to create the best genetically-engineered serpent soldier who would be right at home amongst Cobra’s ranks as they take on our favorite G.I.Joe […]

G.I. Joe Mini Lights & Sounds HISS Tank Now In-Stock at

Do your Cobra forces need a teeny-tiny HISS tank to play with while they have some down time? Or maybe you’d like one to decorate your desk at the office without taking up that much space? Either way, the miniature Lights & Sounds HISS Tank from Running Press is now in stock at and […]

In-Hand Images of Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack

金属键盘 on ACToys has posted a gallery of images for the soon to be released Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack figure from Takara Tomy! The images show off the alternate mode, robot mode, instructions, accessories, and even the exclusive Anti-Hypnosis Device. This figure will be released in just a few days, so check out the images […]

New Images of Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber

Takara Tomy designer Hisashi Yuki has been treating his Twitter followers to a new image of the fully painted Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber prototype almost every day. The last few have shown of the full robot mode, with today showing off the vehicle mode. Can’t get enough views of this upcoming figure from Takara Tomy? […]

“Transformers” #35 “Days of Deception” 3 page Preview – Dialogue Free

Another dialogue free preview is out and this time it is for “Transformers #35 “Days of Deception”! It being dialogue free really does give us time to really look at the art without all the talk bubbles covering it.

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