Spoilers: Hasbro Reveals Two New Star Wars Rebels Action Figures Based on Characters from the Season 1 Finale

Star Wars fans are still abuzz after last night's season finale episode for Star Wars: Rebels, and what could make them even more excited than some action figure news? Hasbro, via USA Today, have revealed two new Star Wars: Rebels action figures based on characters that made their Rebels debut during the episode, "Fire Across […]

GI Joe #6 Preview and Review!

Writer: Karen Traviss Art: Steve Kurth Colorist: Kito Young Letterer: Tom B. Long Editor: John Barber

Combiner Wars Leader G1 Megatron and Armada Megatron at Hasbro Toy Shop

Alongside the remaining Stunticons, Air Raid, Huffer, and Blackjack, it would appear that Generations Combiner Wars Leader Megatron (both Generation 1 and Armada versions) are up for ordering and shipping in 5 to 7 business days at Hasbro Toy Shop.  So head on over there now before they're gone!  Don't forget to use promo code […]

Combiner Wars Legends Blackjack and Huffer, Voyager Motormaster, Deluxe Air Raid, Breakdown, Dead End, Off-Road Up for Order on HTS

For fans who can't wait to build their Combiner Wars combiners, Hasbro Toy Shop now has Legends Class Blackjack and Huffer, as well as Voyager Class Motormaster available to order! Moreover, Air Raid, Breakdown, Dead End, and Off-Road can be pre-ordered with an estimated ship date of 3/27. Also "Coming Soon" is Robots in Disguise Warrior […]

Transformers: The Movie screening in Yonkers, NY

Hot on the heels of the Los Angeles screening we recently told you about, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema theater in Yonkers, NY has announced an upcoming screening of the 1986 animated classic Transformers: The Movie later this month!

TFsource 3-2 Weekly SourceNews! Warbotron - WB01-D - Whirlwind Instock!

Monday means it's time for your weekly SourceNews newsletter from TFSource, recapping their latest in-stock, restock, and pre-order items! Newly in and ready to ship this week is Warbotron WB-01D Whirlwind, and TFSource also has a sale on select Maketoys items. Hit 'Read More' to check it out!

Hero-X Generations 2014 Vol. 2 Exclusive GoShooter Shipping March 10th

Million Publishing / Hero-X has updated their website to inform their customers that Transformers Generations 2014 Volume 2 Exclusive figure GoShooter with Shuta is set to ship on Tuesday March 10th to Japanese residents.  For a refresher, GoShooter (the Japanese Masterforce version of Siren) is a redeco of Generations Deluxe Nightbeat with Generations Legends Blaze […]

TakaraTomy Transformers Designer Hisashi Yuki Interview Translation: Unite Warriors Superion, MP24 Star Saber, & Adventure

The Allspark in collaboration with SydneyY is happy to present a translation of the latest Interview with TakaraTomy Designer Hisashi Yuki from Figure King #205.  In the interview he talks about his work on Unite Warriors Superion and MP-24 Masterpiece Star Saber.  Click Read More to read the interview.

New Transformers Robots In Disguise Webisode

The Transformers Official YouTube channel has posted a new "webisode" for the soon-to-premiere (at least in the US) Transformers Robots in Disguise cartoon. While they call it a webisode, it's something more along the lines of a preview for upcoming episodes featuring Drift, Fracture, and their Minicons. Read on to see the webisode.

Menasor Alternate Chest Armor

By now, we assume you've seen Tsukumo's take how how to make Combiner Wars Huffer feel like part of the team by using him as chest armor for Ultra Prime. The results are certainly interesting, if not pretty. Allspark member ExVee has found a solution to that, however: the black repaint. Read on for his […]

Iacon Art Gallery Transformers Art Spotlight: Bald German Guy's Identity Revealed and More!

Wondering what's going on in our Iacon Art Gallery? Well, here's an update for you!

Colored Renders of X-Transbots Boost (Windchager) and Hatch (Tailgate)

X-Transbots has released some colored renders for two of their soon-to-be released figures, Boost (Windcharger) & Hatch (Tailgate). Both of the figures are scaled to that of a Masterpiece figure and come with interchangeable faces (Hatch also comes with an interchangeable chest plate).

New Images of Upcoming Combiner Wars and Robots In Disguise Products

Thanks to Hasbro Greece and Hasbro Canada's websites, we now have new official images of Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Groove, Viper, and Warpath, Voyagers Hot Spot and Cyclonus, And Robots in Disguise Hero Mashers Optimus Prime, Strongarm, and Clampdown. Unlike previous images of the Combiners Wars figures, these appear to be factory samples […]

Today is Deadline for Charity Drive!

Today is the final day for our charity drive supporting the Hasbro Children's Hospital!  So far we've raised over $600 to support this great cause, and if you want to get in on the first drive of our Allspark Foundation, read on to see how to donate by midnight tonight!

Kids Logic Previews Kids Nations, TF03, Transformers Series 3 Set

Kids Logic released previews for its Kids Nations Transformers series 3, which is a set of five including Megatron, Wheeljack, Jazz, Smokescreen, and Ironide.  There's also some photos of an extra exclusive gold edition of Megatron.  These are expected to be released in this year's second quarter (April-June). Read on to see the photos and […]

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