Kre-O Transformers – “Take us Through The Movies” Video Short

The Official Transformers you tube channel has uploaded a video short of the Kre-O Transformers called “Take us through The Movies” in which Kre-O Optimus gives us a summery on what has happened in all four of the Transformers movies so far. You can check out the embedded video below!

Clear & Full Stock Photos of TakaraTomy Legends Brainstorm, Swerve, & Tailgate

TakaraTomy Mall has updated their website with our first full online images (not counting cropped or magazine scans) of the upcoming TakaraTomy Legends (Generations in Japan) LG09 Brainstorm, LG08 Swerve & Tailgate figures!  The images give us a good impression of the changes to each figure from their Hasbro counterparts.

Transformers Clothing for The Future Generation of Transformers Fans

Do you want your little bundle of joy to grow up to be as hardcore of a Transformers fan as you are? Well, why wait to introduce them to the franchise when they are older? Start early! Early as in the second that they take their first breath ever! How can you do that? Dress […]

3rd Party Shoulder Cannons for MP-20 Wheeljack – GCI

One of the newest 3rd party groups, GCI (Guild of Concoctionous Intent), has just recently announced that they are going to be creating some accessories (shoulder cannons) for Masterpiece Wheeljack! The release date for these cannons is set for December 15, 2014 and shall be priced at $39.99.

Peter Cullen Honored at The TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA

The Canadian born voice actor, Peter Cullen (known for his role as Optimus Prime), was honored with a hand print ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theater today in Hollywood, CA for the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”. The voice actor placed his hands in the cement to leave an impression and then […]

RiD Grimlock Revealed in Age of Extinction Bonus Feature?

For those fans that have run out and purchased the Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-Ray and flipped to the special features where the designers discuss the toy-making process, you probably were surprised by a very unfamiliar dinosaur toy making a cameo appearance. Being held by one of the interviewees, a gray dinosaur Transformers prototype seems […]

BotCon 2014 Pirate Crew…Back in Action?

Last we saw the BotCon 2014 Star Seeker pirate crew, they had been grabbed by the Knights of Cybertron and destined for a cold, dark prison cell… But that’s apparently not the end of their story! A new entry on the Tornado Facebook page has just been made… The pirates have escaped! Not only that, […]

D&D Monster Manual is Available Today!

Monster Manual (D&D Core Rulebook) Dungeons & Dragons fans make sure you pay attention to this one! The second core rule book in the Tyranny of Dragons story line is available now! Monster Manual adds a myriad of creatures and beasts into the game, giving players an extra challenge as they have to fight their […]

Transformers Legacy: Celebration of Package Art Shipping Next Week!

After a couple delays and a bit of an uncertainty when the actual release date would be, it seems that the Transformers Legacy: Celebration of Package Art book is now ready to start shipping! IDW Publishing have sent out the shipping list for next week and sure enough the Legacy book is on it! This […]

Transformers and Cars/Planes Mash-Up Shirts on Ript Apparel

24-hour t-shirt site Ript Apparel now have three Transformers/Disney Cars & Planes shirt designs available for purchase. The first is Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp in jet mode with Planes-style cockpiy eyes and helmets. The second is a tank Megatron crushing Hound with Cars-style eyes and mouths, and the last is Optimus Prime and Bumblebee also […]

New Image of Transformers Cloud Roadbuster

Takara Tomy Toy Mall have tweeted out a new image of the upcoming Transformers Cloud Roadbuster figure. This image shows the new redeco of Generations Roadbuster as Superlink Roadbuster/Energon Ironhide alongside the original Superlink figure. Roadbuster has lost a bit of his size, but he’s certainly made up for it in fire power! Read on […]

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