Windblade Concept Sketches

Windblade is available in stores now, and Hasbro wants you to be as excited as they are for the first fan-built bot! They’ve updated their Facebook page with some early concept sketches as the fan vote rolled in. You can certainly appreciate some of the details that Sarah Stone drew on for Windblade’s comic appearance […]

New In-Hand Images of Platinum Edition Dinobots 5 Pack!

Thanks to Blacklai for sharing over one hundred in-hand images of the Platinum Edition Dinobots Unleashed 5 Pack! This set includes the mighty Grimlock along with Strafe, Slug, Slog, and Scorn! Hit the break to view some of the images from the gallery!

In-Hand Gallery of October Takara-Tomy Releases

Alfes Blog brings us several new galleries featuring Takara-Tomy’s October Releases. Featured are the One-Step Changers four-pack, Power Battlers “Lost Age” Galvatron, and the Legendary Weapons store exclusives. Hit the jump for the links and sample pics.

You Complete Me: MasterShooter Swindle for Armada Starscream

MasterShooter Collectibles have announced their upcoming third party Armada Swindle targetmaster to accompany your existing Generations (Armada) Starscream. Based on their existing Targetmaster mold, “Hustler” may disappoint the purists. Hit the jump for the pics.

Hasbro Appoints John Frascotti to President, Hasbro Brands

In a recent public press release, Hasbro has revealed that they have appointed John Frascotti to President of Hasbro Brands. Check below the break to read the press release. The article also says that Duncan Billing shall fill Frascotti’s previous position as Executive Vice President, Lead Global Operations, & New Business Development.

Online Registration for TFcon Chicago Ends Today!

If you are looking to register for TFcon Chicago then here is your last chance to do so seeing as online registration will end tonight at midnight. You can click here to register for the con and click here to reserve your TFcon exclusives. TFcon Chicago – America’s largest fan-run Transformers convention will take place October 24th to […]

Year of the Goat Platinum Edition Optimus Prime and Soundwave

Toy shops in Asia have received a couple of intriguing images today of upcoming Transformers Platinum Edition sets from Hasbro. The images are of Year of the Goat Optimus Prime and Masterpiece Soundwave! The “Year of the …” series is a yearly exclusive release in conjunction with that particular year’s animal in the Chinese zodiac. Year of […]

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