Supanova Update: Alan Tudyk Joining Peter Cullen At Australian Conventions

We mentioned yesterday that Peter Cullen would be down under for the Brisbane and Adelaide Supanova conventions. Less than 24 hours later they’ve also announced Dark Of The Moon actor Alan Tudyk, aka ‘the cool guy from Firefly’.

Custom Pink Optimus Prime Fights Breast Cancer

Ebay seller strata32000 is auctioning off a nearly unique custom that he has painted – and 25% of the auction’s final price will go towards beating breast cancer! This custom is appropriately painted in various shades of pink, has a pink ribbon proudly presented on his shoulders, and comes in a breast cancer awareness themed […]

New Images of Vector Sigma Accessories for Transformers Asia MP-10 Reissue

Robot Kingdom have updated their Facebook page with four new images of the Vector Sigma and Key to Vector Sigma accessories that will come with the Transformers Asia reissue of Hasbro’s version for the Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime figure. These images now show off that Vector Sigma itself will be a translucent, sparkled plastic while the […]

New Images of Legends Chromia, Arcee, Windblade, Lost Age Armor Knight Optimus, Black Knight Dinobots

TAG Hobby have posted a few images of the latest issue of Figure King hobby magazine released in Japan. This issue covers some much anticipated Transformers action figures like Lost Age/Age of Extinction Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Black Knight Dinobots (including the previously unannounced Black Knight Strafe), and Transformers Legends Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade! Also […]

Star Wars Egg Force By Bandai

They’re not really Transformers, but they’re still transforming product and there’s no shortage of Star Wars fans on the Allspark, so we though we should point these out. Site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has now posted pre-orders for Bandai’s Star Wars Egg Force. Similar to toys for Ultra Man and Godzilla, these are recognizable […]

Transformers Robots In Disguise Japanese Release?

Japanese website Hobby Collection @ Bremen published a new list of upcoming preorders for a Japanese TakaraTomy release of the upcoming Transformers Robots In Disguise line.  The listings feature figures not yet announced by Hasbro.  The figures are due for release starting on March 21, 2015.  Here is a translation of the listings: Transformers TAV01 […]

Third Party Greenlight?

Mastermind Creations has announced that they will have an exclusive version of their third party Azalea mold available at TFCon Chicago this weekend. While out only official word is the image of her packaging, there are hints from those in the know that this version will homage a background character from the G1 Episode “The […]

Nickelodeon & Activision’s ‘The Legend of Korra’ is Now Available

Nickelodeon and Activision have sent over word that “The Legend of Korra” video game is now available! This game takes place between Books 2 and 3, pitting Korra against Chi Blockers, Dark Spirits, and Pro Benders alike! Players must help the Avatar regain her powers, with completion of each level restoring one of Korra’s bending […]

More Previously Unseen Concept Art from Transformers: The Movie

Allspark member D.M has stopped by to let us know about some new pieces of previously unseen concept art from Transformers: The Movie from artist Floro Dery. One of the pieces features an early (and very different) character design for the Quintessons!

Sentinel Co. Ltd. Gigantic Action Scorponok – Gallery

October 17th marked the official release of Sentinel Co. Ltd’s Gigantic Action Scorponok.  A Fortress Maximus/Gen. Metroplex-sized non-transforming Scorponok figure.  If you just have to have a nemesis for the biggest transformers in your collection, and don’t mind a two foot non-transforming…..doll…..this is your guy.  Enjoy the gallery of pictures and size comparisons after the […]

Toyworld D01 Roar – a.k.a. Snarl – Video Review

There has been a lot of love given to the MP-sized Dinobots over the past few months.  With two different companies currently well on their way to full Dinobot sets in that size-scale, there have been many people who have lamented that they don’t need something so big.  That they would prefer having some G1 […]

Masterpiece Bumblebee – Production Image?

With the release of MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee just a little over a month away anticipation is high for a character many thought should have been released years ago.  As we draw near to any release we tend to see an uptick in the amount of images available.  Most of those are marketing images released by […]

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