Hasbro to Release First Official “My Little Pony” DJ Pon-3 Remix Album

Lakeshore Records and Hasbro are teaming up to bring us bronies & Pegasisters a DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch)  remix album this fall! That’s right, everypony’s favorite DJ will finally be getting an album since she has become so popular with the fans of the My Little Pony franchise! Who ever thought that a simple background character […]

Sequart.org’s Part 2 of Reinventing the Cog – A Conversation with IDW’s The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye’s James Roberts

Almost a month ago Sequart.org released the first part of their interview with James Roberts, a member of the creative team that brings us the very popular Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye IDW comic book series.  Well Sequart.org has finally gotten around to posting the second half of that interview which can be found […]

New Rescue Bots Chase SUV and Boulder Dump Truck Revealed

Felipe León Nájera from the Transformers Colombia Facebook group has even more new official images to share! This batch features two new Transformers Rescue Bot toys previously unseen! It looks like the rescanning craziness continues for the Rescue Bots as the two new toys are of Chase as an SUV and Boulder as a dump […]

New Images of Legends/Legion Strafe, Grimlock, And “G2″ Megatron

At the beginning of the month we brought you images of upcoming Legends/Legions Class Strafe, Grimlock, and “G2″ Megatron. All are repaints of previous Legends/Legions, varying from the fairly substantial – Strafe and Grimlock are repaints of Beast Hunters Windrazor and Rippersnapper – to the mostly minor – G2 Megatron may only differ from his […]

“Mr.Potato Head Transformers” Mashable Heros Commercial

A commercial for the Transformers Mr. Potato Head has been spotted over on you tube! You can change him from vehicle to bot mode, and mash him up with some parts from you favorite AoE characters! Check it out below!

New Official Images of Age of Extinction One-Step Rollbar, Strafe, Megatron, Prowl

New official images of upcoming Hasbro product… Who else could provide them than Felipe León Nájera from the Transformers Colombia Facebook group? He’s just now posted new images of  Transformers: Age of Extinction One-Step Rollbar, Strafe, Megatron, and Prowl. These figures were revealed at BotCon last month, but now we get to see more final […]

ToyWorld JP teases Third-Party Dinobot Combiner

Third-party toymaker ToyWorld JP has released some new images of two of their upcoming figures based on the G1 Dinobots. Figures based on Sludge and Snarl are shown, with the unofficial Snarl figure looking close to production. In a neat twist, one of the images shows the two figures as the legs of a combined […]

More Unreleased Generation 2 Toys on Ebay

Ebay user z75sales has posted a number of new auctions featuring unreleased Generation 2 toys, including a blue variant of Combat Hero Optimus Prime, a camouflage deco of Combat Hero Megatron, along with a redeco of Stunticon Drag Strip.  And if you still have money left over from all of that, there’s a chance to […]

A Taste of the Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide Book

Out today in Japan is the Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide, and the publisher Village Books want to make sure that Transformers fans are in the proper frenzy for the release! A new tweet from Village Books shows off sample pages from the book… pages that show off upcoming Masterpiece figures Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, and Star […]

Age of Extinction Deluxe Lockdown Found at US Retail

While you’re headed to those Target stores to find the newest Generations Voyagers, make sure that you keep an eye out for the next new Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe figure as well! Lockdown, the sole new figure from wave 2.5, has been spotted at a Target in Peoria, IL. Yes soon you too can […]

Generations Voyager Sky-Byte Found at US Retail

Move over Sharknado 2, it’s time for the Tsunami Blaster!! If you’ve been going crazy waiting for the baddest shark in town, it looks like your wait is almost over! 2005 Boards member alkamist has found the next wave of Generations Voyagers at a Target store in Pinole, California. Or rather just Sky-Byte as wavemate […]

Sneak Peek at The Loyal Subjects’ Constructicons

Can they build it? Apparently they can! The Loyal Subjects have updated their Facebook page with a sneak peek at Scrapper from wave 3 of their vinyl figure collection. The images show off a gray prototype of the character, but it is unquestionably the Constructicons’ team leader with the head sculpt, as well as the […]

Neverwinter Coming to XBox One

Having you been playing the Neverwinter MMORPG, wishing the whole time that it would come out on console gaming systems? You’re about to get your wish! Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, and Perfect World Entertainment are proud to announce that the video game set in the Dungeons & Dragon world will be available […]

Two New Prototype Images of Masterpiece Star Saber!

Thanks to a Weibo user there are now two all new images floating out there in the world wide web of the MP Star Saber Prototype, and we have them here to share with you right now! be sure to also check out the other images of this highly anticipated Masterpiece!

“Transformers: Lost Age” Theme Song Plus, Commercial for Toyline – Takara Tomy

A “Transformers: Lost Age” (or “Age of Extinction”) theme song and commercial, for the toyline, has been uploaded to you tube, by none other than Takara Tomy itself! While the premier of  “lost Age” was held only a few days ago, the actual release of the movie in theaters will be August 8th in Japan! […]

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