Transformers: Robots in Disguise High Quality Preview

News keeps rolling in from SDCC but we wanted to make sure we got this up for you ASAP. It’s a high quality version of the preview displayed earlier at the Hasbro panel for Transformers Robots in Disguise due out in 2015. Right now, what we know about it is that it isn’t necessarily continuation […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – “Transformers; Robots in Disguise” Sneak Peek Video

From the Hasbro: Transformers panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise show! RiD – NOT the IDW comic by John Barber! – will be seeing airwaves some time in 2015.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – Hasbro Transformers 30th Anniversary Breakfast Photos

A good morning from San Diego Comic-Con 2014! Thanks to Hasbro, they’ve hosted a breakfast gathering at Southpaw Social Club near the convention center with many toys and stories to share for all you worshipers – er, fans – of our favorite alien transforming robotic overlords and overladies! From a quick teaser of the upcoming […]

First Look At Generations Combiners From SDCC – UPDATED

Fresh from San Diego Comic Con we have the first look at two upcoming combiner teams – the legendary Stunticons and Aerialbots! Beloved gestalts Superion and Menasor will be returning to store shelves. At first glance it would seem that post Botcon speculation of the new voyager Optimus being a combiner are true as Motormaster […]

New Master Art Offered by Takara Tomy Toy Mall

Quite some time ago, Takara Tomy Toy Mall had begun to offer high-quality, framed prints of the original Convoy/Optimus Prime box art. These elegantly presented pieces sat on a white background with white matting, and a thin black frame. Now Takara Tomy Toy Mall are expanding their offering by including a number of pieces originally […]

Hot Toys Optimus Prime (Megatron Version)

Just an hour after we were shown a teaser image of the ACGHK-exclusive special edition of Hot Toys Optimus Prime, we now have an actual image of the figure, and it is called Optimus Prime Megatron Version! And if you guessed that with a name like that, he would come with Megatron parts strapped on […]

Sentinel Megazarak Action Figure

Dengeki Hobby has posted new information and an official image of the upcoming Sentinel Japan Megazarak action figure. This non-transformable, but fully articulated figure of Megazarak (Scorponok) stands 580mm tall, and comes with his blaster and shield. The figure is slated for release in October 2014 with the price tag of 48, 600 Yen. This […]

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