D&D Monster Manual is Available Today!

Monster Manual (D&D Core Rulebook) Dungeons & Dragons fans make sure you pay attention to this one! The second core rule book in the Tyranny of Dragons story line is available now! Monster Manual adds a myriad of creatures and beasts into the game, giving players an extra challenge as they have to fight their […]

Transformers and Cars/Planes Mash-Up Shirts on Ript Apparel

24-hour t-shirt site Ript Apparel now have three Transformers/Disney Cars & Planes shirt designs available for purchase. The first is Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp in jet mode with Planes-style cockpiy eyes and helmets. The second is a tank Megatron crushing Hound with Cars-style eyes and mouths, and the last is Optimus Prime and Bumblebee also […]

New Image of Transformers Cloud Roadbuster

Takara Tomy Toy Mall have tweeted out a new image of the upcoming Transformers Cloud Roadbuster figure. This image shows the new redeco of Generations Roadbuster as Superlink Roadbuster/Energon Ironhide alongside the original Superlink figure. Roadbuster has lost a bit of his size, but he’s certainly made up for it in fire power! Read on […]

New FansToys FT-05 Soar Gallery

The next Dinobot set to release in FansToys FT lineup of Masterpiece sized Dinobots is FT-05 Soar.  This titillating trifecta of tasty pterodactyl temptation is rolling into our homes in the next month.  And oh does he look ready to please.  Enjoy this gallery of a finalized test shot from Transformers One; a blog out of […]

TFsource 9-29 Weekly SourceNews!

TFsource 9-29 Weekly SourceNews!Greetings Sourcefans!This week we have intock items like MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack, TFCon 2014 Exclusive – Pestilence, Xtransbots – MM-IV Ollie, KFC – CST-D01 & CTS-D02 Set of Haymaker & Overslay,Reformatted – R-06 – Tigris the Shock Trooper, Reformatted – R-02 – Talon the Aerial Assaulter, Warbotron – WB01-A – Air Burst, with Fansproject – Function X-4: Sigma L instock soon! […]

TFSS 3.0 Mock-ups – Both Modes

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have posted a new look at the six TFSS 3.0 mock-ups… but this time give a look at both modes! Take another look at what the Club pans for these figures to look like, and prepare the shelf space for a new batch of baddies (and Carzap). Pre-orders end October 2nd. […]

TFSS 3.0 Pre-Order Period Ends October 2nd; Closer Numbers than Other Rounds

The Transformers Collectors’ Club are reminding fans that the pre-order period for the third Transformers Figure Subscription will be ending on October 2nd. They’re also warning that this round will have closer numbers than the other two, meaning that there will not be as many individual figures available on the Club Store after the subscription […]

Toy Stages: Display like a Boss

The latest venture from our friends at Reprolabels is Toy Stages, who offer high-quality, full-color display stages to really show off your collection. While they have stages for many properties, their Herobots and Evilcons collection will no doubt interest our readers the most. Hit the jump for the details.

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