Kevin Eastman Joins The IDW Team!

If you don't know who Kevin Eastman is, you must be living in the sewers. Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has signed an exclusive agreement with IDW Publishing which will see all his new and upcoming projects exclusively with IDW. This is a pretty big deal and shows that IDW is once again […]

March Mayhem Spotlighted Match: Predaking vs Computron

Next up for the Functionist Four round of March Mayhem is Predaking (2) vs Computron (8). Seems like an easy win for Predaking, right? Well, not so far. Computron enjoys a modest lead at the moment. Is this the contrarian vote? The hopes for a Combiner Wars release? Not sure how to cast your vote […]

Paperformers at

As some of you may recall, a few years ago there was a very cool papercraft model of Drift that was made by Erwin de Jong. It was an amazing piece of engineering and now you can buy your very own copy of "Racing Warrior" at! Hopefully this will only be the start and […]

New Images of Cyber Series 11-Inch Figures

Last week, we saw the first images of 11-inch tall Optimus Prime and Bumblebee toys for the upcoming Generations Cyber Series line. Now, Allsparker Nevermore brings us word of new images of these two toys on the website of Distribuidora de Brinquedos Hobby. Read on for these new stock photos.

Hero-X Generations 2014 Vol. 2 GoShooter Allspark Gallery

Allsparker Onyx Minor has provided us with some in hand photos of Japanese exclusive character Hero-X GoShooter.  As you may have seen from previously released photos this is a very solid toy with a good design in both modes. Would love to see this as a Hasbro issued version some day. Check out the gallery below!

25% Off Hasbro Products Sale

Allsparker Fortress Ironhold has given us the heads up that starting tomorrow (3/29)  customers will get 25% select Hasbro toy products at Walgreen's as part of next week's ad. The discount is available with your Wallgreen's rewards card and specifically includes

BBTS News 3/27: Transformers, Star Wars, Age of Ultron, Spider-Man, Batman, & More!

Newsletter March 27, 2015 MP-18B MASTERPIECE BLUESTREAK The new MP-18B Bluestreak lives up to his name! He transforms from robot to a Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T and stands nearly 6” tall in robot mode. Bluestreak comes with his laser rifle and is listed for $79.99. ROBOTS IN DISGUISE WARRIORS SERIES 03 Each Transformers Warriors figure comes […]

ToyWorld Corelock: Not Grimlock Combiner

Thanks to site sponsor TFSource, we have an extensive gallery of third party group ToyWorld's upcoming Corelock, their take on what Grimlock might be like if he formed the torso to a Dinobot Combiner. Decked out in fancy chrome and plenty of paint apps, he's a contender for your Third Party Grimlock. Shame about the […]

March Mayhem Spotlight: Defensor vs Liokaiser

Our first match of the Functionist Four round of March Mayhem is Defensor (5) vs Liokaiser (7). Defensor is hot off the big win against Devastator, while Liokaiser is flying high on advancing further than most predicted. Can't decide on how to cast your vote? Never fear, Eject is here with insider insight into how […]

New TakaraTomy Legends LG13 Megatron Photo

Hisashi Yuki, TakaraTomy designer and Twitter advocate, has taken to Twitter to show us the final version of their version of Generations Leader Megatron - Legends Megatron! While the Generations version was heavily based on the original G1 toy's deco, Legends Megatron's deco is more cartoon based trading in some of his red for silver […]

New Adventure Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime Photos!

Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out several photos of next month's release of Transformers Adventure Nemesis Prime and Ultra Magnus!  These photos show them in various poses as well as battling against each other.  Both figures are due for release at the end of April.

Studio Ghibli Fans Flock To Small Tasmanian Bakery

Fans of Studio Ghibli's classic film 'Kiki's Delivery Service' flock to a humble Australian bakery. It's a coincidental likeness the small bakery has enthusiastically embraced.

March Mayhem Update: Functionist Four Voting Open

The Allspark's March Mayhem event has moved into the fourth round of competition, the Functionist Four. The third round saw Defensor upset No 1 seed Devastator in a surprise victory. Liokaiser similarly brought betting favorite Menasor's tournament to an end with by establishing and early lead that the Stunticons just couldn't overcome. Fans are encouraged […]

REMINDER: Rescue Bots "Pirates Ahoy" airs March 28th 2015

Join in on the fun at 1:30PM EST on Discovery Family when the newest episode entitled "Pirates Ahoy" features The Rescue Team is suspended when evidence arises that the Burnses are pirate descendants. Once the show is over make sure to post your thoughts about the episode in our Rescue Bots subforum here on the […]

Robots in Disguise to be Next Happy Meal Promotion!

Transformers fans, are you ready to once again storm your local McDonalds and brave the uncomfortable stares as you ask to buy a Happy Meal for yourself? Let's hope that you are as the next toy promotion in the famous fast food kids menu item is Transformers Robots in Disguise! Bumblebee, Fixit, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, […]

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