Hub Network’s MY LITTLE PONY Mega Mare-athon!

The Hub network will be hosting a “My Little pony” mega mare-athon that will start on Monday August 4th and end on Friday August 8th. It will be over 50 hours worth of pony! The episodes will all be aired in the order that they came out, and will even include the “Equestria Girls” movie! […]

Wal-Mart Exclusive Bumblebee vs. Stinger with Strafe Set Now Up for Pre-Order

The first of Wal-Mart’s Transformers: Age of Extinction exclusives is now available in the US! Or at least is available for pre-order. The set with Deluxe Strafe and Cyberverse Legion Bumblebee and Stinger – perhaps not-so cleverly named “Bumblebee vs. Stinger with Strafe” – now has a pre-order page on The set is listed […]

Images of Upcoming Transformers Product from Takara Tomy – In Package Images of Legends Commander Collection, MP Wheeljack, TRU Exclusive Rusty Optimus, and More!

Want to start the morning off with a glimpse at some upcoming Takara Tomy product? The user Oreryu on Twitter and 北马伊斯力 on one of China’s biggest social media sites, Weibo, have provided us with just that! He’s snagged a small gallery of images of a Takara Tomy display featuring in-package figures like Toys R […]

SDCC 2014 IDW Press Release – Angry Birds & Transformers Combiner Wars

IDW has sent us their SDCC 2014 Press Release. Two of the things that are talked about in the release are for “Transformers: Angry Birds”:

BotCon Non-Attendee Packages Now Shipping!

If you didn’t attend BotCon and you’re waiting for your non-attendee packages, Allspark mod Devcon has reported that he has received an email that his Iacon package has just shipped out today. So keep an eye out for an email that you should be getting, letting you know that your non-attendee package will be arriving […]

Amazon Starting a 3D Printing Store with Customizable Products!

You read it right, is starting a 3D printing shop with customizable products! Customers will be able to order anything from accessories to home decor, and probably anything else you can come up with by just using your imagination! You’ll never have to look again for a wealthy “friend” who has a 3D printer […]

Aaron Archer to Attend TFcon Chicago 2014

Tfcon Chicago was pleased to announced today that Aaron Archer will be in attendance at this years con! Fans will be able to attend Q&A panels with Archer as well as have a one on one experience with him on the exhibitor floor. TFcon Chicago will start on October 24th and end on October 26th […]

TFsource 7-28 Weekly SourceNews! KFC A – Dai Stack, MP-12 Restock, SDCC MP-Prowl and More… Much More

TFsource 7-28 Weekly SourceNews! KFC A – Dai Stack, MP-12 Restock, SDCC MP-Prowl and More!Greetings Sourcefans!We have new preorders on the site like Masterpiece Prowl – Exclusive Figure, KFC – EAVI METAL Phase Three: A – Dai Stack, Henkei Jetfire – Cybertron Con 2013 Exclusive, Unique Toys – DX9 D02S – Splinter, Transformers 2014 – Generations Leader Class – Jetfire, Fansproject […]

Masterpiece MP-08X King Grimlock Reissue “Throne of Grimlock” Free Gift

Transformers Asia has posted an official image of the “Throne of Grimlock” free gift that will be given out to customers who purchase the Masterpiece MP-08X King Grimlock reissue. This promotion is only available in Asia, while stocks last. View the image here.

Official Images of Sentinel Megazarak and Black Zarak Figures

Courtesy of Amazon Japan, we now have official images of Sentinel’s upcoming Megazarak and Black Zarak figures. We have seen them on display at Wonderfest, standing as tall as Generation 1 Fortress Maximus. Although non-transformable, these figures are highly poseable, and both come with their canon and shield accessories. Megazarak will be available on October […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – July 26 & 27 Photos

As good things roll in, all good things must come to an end. Here’s Days 3 and 4 of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 photos of both Transformers, ponies, some of the people behind the Transformers comics, and a couple folks that have had brief appearances in the Transformers franchise, however fleeting!

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