First Look at BotCon 2015 Souvenir Hat and T-Shirt

The Exclusives Page on has been updated with images of the souvenir hat and t-shirt that will be available for purchase during registration as well as during the convention itself. The hat is black with this year's convention logo embroidered on the front. The t-shirt is also black and features "wanted posters" for each […]

BotCon 2015 Registration Update

The BotCon organizers have sent out an update concerning the convention's registration. Currently they are expecting registration to go live tomorrow. Hello Everyone! Barring any final issues, we are doing the final touches tonight and should have registration live tomorrow.  I'll send out an email when it is up. See you in St. Charles! Brian You […]

Video Instructions for TFSS 3.0 Kre-O Gas Pump Build Set

For those of you wondering if there are instructions for the Kre-O build set included with the Transformers Collectors' Club Subscription Service 3.0 Carzap figure, there are! The Club has updated its YouTube channel with an instructional video showing fans just how the bricks go together to make G.B. Blackrock's gas pump, as well as how […]

Official Images of SDCC Devastator

Following the earlier leak of SDCC 2015 exclusive Combiner Wars Devastator, the Transformers Facebook page has posted the first official reveal of the combiner and the Constructicons' robot modes! Unlike the retail Devastator (coming later this year) that uses the cartoon models for inspiration, this gift set mimics the original Constructicon toys and their decals for […]

Age of Extinction Coming to Netflix Streaming on June 13

As Netflix goes through its routine additions and subtractions to its streaming catalogue, this time there's a big change of specific interest to Transformers fans!  Age of Extinction, last year's blockbuster addition to the Michael Bay film franchise, will be added to the streaming service as of June 13. Read on to see the screen […]

Stock Photos Revealed For Defensor & Other New Takara Products

Courtesy of TakaraTomy Mall, we have clear stock photos for a whole host of upcoming Japanese Transformers products.

Transformers Film Franchise adds Robert Kirkman, Zak Penn to Writing Stable

Big things are shaking over at Paramount, as the live-action Transformers film franchise has started to sign on new creative blood to keep things rolling.

SDCC Combiner Wars Devastator Images

Thanks to Planet Iacon, we have photos of the upcoming SDCC exclusive version of Combiner Wars Devastator. This release features a new head sculpt,  purple chrome, added paint apps, and a pretty swank box. Read on for the images.

TakaraTomy RID Scourge, Armada Megatron, Adventure Phantomjaw, Cosmos, and Powerglide Revealed!

Along with the pants shattering reveal of TakaraTomy Groove, Dengeki Hobby has also revealed some other exciting news!  Tokyo Toy Show will see two Transformers exclusives.  First up is TakaraTomy's version of Combiner Wars Armada Megatron.  Their version of Megatron will feature deco changes including blue green antlers over the orange on the Hasbro one.  […]

TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive Unite Warriors Defensor and Deluxe Groove Revealed!!!

Thanks to Twitter user たごーる we know have a look at the latest issue of Figure King, and it's a doozy!  Revealed in the issue is TakaraTomy Mall's exclusive Unite Warriors Defensor!  The images are placeholders at this time, as Groove (which is likely a TakaraTomy only development) is still in his gray prototype stage.  […]

3-Page Preview Of BotCon 2015 Comic has been updated with a 3-page preview of the BotCon 2015 comic book! These pages give an introduction to Battletrap (who acts as the narrator), Shattered Glass Stepper and Nebulon, and Megatron, Boombox, Heavyweight, and Scalpel. There's also plenty of character cameos and easter eggs hidden among the denizens of Axiom Nexus... and one […]

Diamond Shipping List for May 27th

It's a lean week ahead, fans, as IDW Publishing has just one lonely Transformers title and no MLP books headed your way on May 27th. Hit Read More to check out your weekly Diamond Shipping List.

TFSS 3.0 First Exclusive Now Arriving!

Allspark member PortalTron has dropped by our forums to let us know that he's received the first Transformers Collectors' Club Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0 figure in the mail!  The identity of the figure is hush-hush at the moment.  Folks will remember that the lineup for TFSS 3.0 consists of Carzap, Nacelle, G2 Starscream, Tarantulas, […]

New TakaraTomy Legends LG-13 Megatron Photos

TakaraTomy Transformers designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted some new photos of the upcoming Legends LG-13 Megatron.  The photos show the figure in package, note the orientation of his arm cannon, as well as along side his Armada counterpart.  LG-13 Megatron is due for release at the end of next week.  Note that Armada Megatron is […]

Be@rbrick Nemesis Prime

HMV and Lawson are offering an exclusive redeco of the Be@rbrick Optimus Prime figure - Nemesis Prime!  Nemesis Prime is sporting the usual black, gray, teal, and red Black Convoy / Scourge / Nemesis Prime deco we're all familiar with.

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