Jurassic World Trailer Now Online

Dinosaurs have always captured our imaginations. Giant reptiles ruling the world with fangs, claws, speed, and sheer tremendous size. Twenty-one years ago, the first Jurassic Park film was released at theaters and movie-goers came face to face with their imagination in a heart-pounding, thrilling adventure that would go on to generate a trilogy of movies. And coming […]

Transformers Cloud Hot Rodimus Now Shipping

Months ago, the Transformers fandom was buzzing when eHOBBY and Takara Tomy Toy Mall first revealed their plans to make an exclusive Hot Rod/Rodimus redeco of the Generations Springer mold. And now the wait to add the figure to shelves is almost over! Reports are coming in of shipping notices for the Transformers Cloud Hot […]

50% Off Kre-O Sets at Toys R Us

Fans of construction sets and mini-figures head out to your local Toys R Us stores! Starting this past Sunday, the retail chain is offering all Kre-O sets for 50% off their listed price…including some of those sets already on deep clearance! This is a spectacular time to stock up on those construction sets that you’ve […]

New Image of Q-Transformers Wave 1

Takara Tomy’s Transformers Twitter account has tweeted out a new image of the upcoming Q-Transformers. The image shows us our first good look at the final production toys for Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown, Crosshairs, Lambor, Prowl, Rodimus, and Bumblebee (G1). Read on to check out the tweet

Protectobots Joining the Combiner Wars?

We here at the Allspark have received some new information about future releases for the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars toy line. A Wal-Mart employee and computer sleuth (who has asked to remain anonymous) has dug into the retailer’s inventory system and pulled out a few names that will definitely interest a few Transformers fans… Because […]

Figure King #202 Transformers Scans – QT, D-Style, Legends Arcee Designer Interview

The Allspark has received the latest copy of Figure King magazine #202 and has scanned the Transformers related material from the book for your viewing pleasure.  In the book is information about TakaraTomy’s QT Transformers, D-Style Megatron, PS One Optimus Prime, Amazon Exclusive TF4 Hound, and an interview regarding Legends (Generations) Arcee designer Hironori Kobayashi. […]

Oscar Isaac cast as Apocalypse in next X-Men film

Entertainment trade website Variety is reporting that Oscar Isaac will play the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse.

IDW Continues to Celebrate The Transformers 30th Anniversary!

IDW has been happy to celebrate the Transformers 30th Anniversary this year with all sorts of new comics for Transformers; but they want you to know that the celebration is not over yet because they still have some new TF comics to come before 2015 hits us! Check below to read their full press release! […]

TFsource 11-24 Weekly SourceNews! MegaDrive Megatron now in stock!

It’s Monday, and out friends over at TFSource have sent out their weekly SourceNews newsletter, letting us know all about their latest preorders, restocked, and newly in-stock items!

Play With This Too Head Shots Vol 3

The likes on their Facebook page keep coming, so Play With This Too has revealed the Kickstarter-exclusive colors for their Heads Shots Vol 3 pack to celebrate the 900 mark. Featuring Ren & Stimpy’s Mr. Horse as a unicorn, an Easter Island Moai, and Scorpio from the Major Matt Mason toyline, this is certainly an […]

Young Optimus Prime/Orion Pax Concept Work from Guido Guidi

The road from concept to final product is a long, arduous one in the toy industry, and loads of unused materials get produced along the way. Today via his Twitter account, Transformers artist Guido Guidi gives us a look behind the scenes at this journey, as well as a few unused concepts for the design […]

Mastermind Creations Cynicus: Your DJD Vos

Third party group Mastermind Creations have shared a gallery of an unpainted test shot of their upcoming Cynicus release. An homage to Vos of The Decepticon Justice Division, Cynicus transformers into a sniper rifle and comes complete with removable torture-face. More Than Meets The Eye fans can expect their favorite linguistic purist to be compatible […]

ShoutFactory Transformers DVD Sale

Just in time for the holidays, we have news of a promo code for a great deal on Transformers DVDs from ShoutFactory. Simply enter the promo code TFCOMPLETE for 10% off any box set, $3 shipping for any order or free shipping for orders over $40. Check out the details after the break.

Ant Needs Your Help To Keep TFU.Info Amazing

Anthony Brucale, perhaps better known by his handle Tonyfitz or simply as the webmaster of TFU.INFO, has stopped by to call the community to arms. As Ant mentions, the Transformers brand has ballooned into a global juggernaut and it’s simply beyond the means of one man to catalogue all the toys available these days. So […]

Jurassic World Teaser Trailer

Because this is the world we live in: enjoy this teaser for the upcoming trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World film. This teaser foreshadows the release of the first full trailer set to be shown on Thursday Night Football November 27 at 9 Eastern. It offers us our first looks at a few of the […]

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