Bold Forms Stunticon Update – Wildfire/Breakdown Image

Third Party maker Bold Forms, who recently revealed another Third Party Menasor combiner in the news release of their Lone Wolf/Motormaster mold, has released via Facebook images of the next mold in the combiner.  BFC-S02 Wildfire.  Their version of the G1 Breakdown character.  Bold Forms remains a fairly unknown entity and we have yet to see pricing information […]

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye – A Dramatic Reading by Chris McFeely

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Transformers comics from IDW then you are REALLY missing out. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye is not only some of the best Transformers fiction ever produced, but some of the best comic writing period. We’ve posted previews, heck, everyone has, they are all over the […]

Fan Expo Toronto – Hasbro Booth Giveaways

You’ve seen the displays and heard about the product that Hasbro Canada and ToysRUs Canada were selling at Fan Expo Toronto, but what we hadn’t mentioned were the giveaways! It seemed like every new trip to the Hasbro booth found a new goodie waiting to be picked up. Friday the exhibitors at the booth were […]

Fan Expo Canada 2014: An Allspark Review

Another year has come and gone, and this reporter is happy to say that 2014 has been the best Fan Expo Canada of the last five years. While there are still some kinks to be worked out, the line management and organization were the best they’ve been. The guests are some of the most compelling, […]

Quick In-Hand Gallery of Generations Deluxe Windblade

With Windblade being sold by Hasbro Canada at Fan Expo Toronto this weekend, we now have a quick gallery that we’ve taken of the figure. You can expect better images to come later, but for now enjoy a peek at the figure! Read on to see the gallery

Fan Expo Toronto – Saturday Hasbro Booth

We have more images from the Hasbro booth at Fan Expo Toronto. And a bit of new news as well! They have sold through their stock of Generations Leader Jetfire, but have replaced him in their store front with the wave of Generations Deluxe with Nightbeat, Crosscut, Jhiaxus, and Windblade…Although Windblade quickly sold out. Read […]

Clearer Look at LA-13 Nemesis Prime

Takara Tomy have updated their Lost Age/Age of Extinction website with new official images of LA-13 Nemesis Prime. This figure is a redeco of Power Battlers Optimus Prime, complete with sword-swinging action so you can have him hacking away at your other toys while yelling “Sword of Fury”! Check out Takara Tomy’s site for the […]

More Masterpiece Star Saber Comparison Images

Transformers designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out two more images comparing the upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber (Or rather just Saber) to his G1 counterpart. The first image shows Masterpiece Saber and G1 Saber folded up in “Brainmaster” mode. The second image shows the Masterpiece Saber docked with G1 Star Saber’s robot mode! Read on or […]

Amazon Exclusive G1 Slog Official Pictures

Felipe over at Transformers Colombia facebook page has just posted some new pictures of the Amazon Exclusive G1 colored Voyager Dinobot Slog.  Check out the images in our gallery below and pre-order now on to make sure you get yours by the release date on December 15th.

Fan Expo Toronto Friday – Hasbro Booth

While perhaps nothing “new” is on display at Hasbro’s booth at Fan Expo Toronto this weekend, they still offer fans an eyeful…and a armful! Several display case show of product soon to show up in stores, a recreation of G1 Prowl’s car mode sits in the middle of the display area, and the Hasbro store […]

Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Coming Soon!

The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club, or the TCC, has taken to Twitter to let Transformers fans know that they can expect the 3rd iteration of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service, the TFSS, will be going up for preorder soon.  Fans can expect a surprise as well as some finalized mockups soon.  Also the TCC has […]

“Creating The Dinobots” – “Transformers: Age of Extinction” Blu-Ray Exclusive Clip!

For those of you who are getting the Blu-Ray version of TF4, you will be pleased to know that you will have a Blu-Ray exclusive “Creating The Dinobots” bonus feature to watch after the movie is over! You should get even more excited now because we have a short clip from this behind the scenes […]

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