Even More New Images of MP-24 Star Saber

Following Hisashi Yuki’s extensive look at the upcoming Masterpiece figure, Takara Tomy’s Transformers Twitter account has tweeted out three more new images of the Star Saber painted prototype. These show Star Saber’s vehicle mode and gives us our first look at how his shield ingeniously breaks apart to serve as a flight stand, Saber next […]

Tonight’s Face-Off Goes G.I. Joe!

If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, make sure that you check out tonight’s episode of the make-up and special effects reality show, Face-Off! The challenge given to this season’s artists will be to create the best genetically-engineered serpent soldier who would be right at home amongst Cobra’s ranks as they take on our favorite G.I.Joe […]

G.I. Joe Mini Lights & Sounds HISS Tank Now In-Stock at Amazon.com

Do your Cobra forces need a teeny-tiny HISS tank to play with while they have some down time? Or maybe you’d like one to decorate your desk at the office without taking up that much space? Either way, the miniature Lights & Sounds HISS Tank from Running Press is now in stock at Amazon.com and […]

In-Hand Images of Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack

金属键盘 on ACToys has posted a gallery of images for the soon to be released Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack figure from Takara Tomy! The images show off the alternate mode, robot mode, instructions, accessories, and even the Amazon.co.jp exclusive Anti-Hypnosis Device. This figure will be released in just a few days, so check out the images […]

New Images of Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber

Takara Tomy designer Hisashi Yuki has been treating his Twitter followers to a new image of the fully painted Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber prototype almost every day. The last few have shown of the full robot mode, with today showing off the vehicle mode. Can’t get enough views of this upcoming figure from Takara Tomy? […]

“Transformers” #35 “Days of Deception” 3 page Preview – Dialogue Free

Another dialogue free preview is out and this time it is for “Transformers #35 “Days of Deception”! It being dialogue free really does give us time to really look at the art without all the talk bubbles covering it.

3 Page (No Dialogue) Preview of “Drift: Empire of Stone” #1

We here at The Allspark are pleased to share with you a 3 page preview of “Drift: Empire of Stone” #1! Sadly this preview contains no dialogue, so we are left guessing at what is happening in the comic just by looking at the art.

According to Miller – The Making of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Exclusive to Our friends at Spinoff Online is a sneak-peak of one of the featuretes for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction Dvd/Blu-ray release. In this video clip, T.J. Miller, known more for quirky genre films, discusses the challenges of keeping up with action-movie veteran Mark Wahlberg on set. Hit the jump for the video […]

Official Transformers Collectors’ Club Once In A Decade Sale!!!

That’s right, the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club is clearing out there warehouse of old exclusives and offering them up on their Collectors’ Club website!  Exclusives ranging as far back as 2005 including rarities like 2006 Megatron & Waspinator, 2007 Games of Deception box set, 2008 Megatron & Rodimus, Club G2 Ramjet, 2012 Optimus and Kick-Over; […]

Lucky Draw Generations Leader Class Silver Jetfire

Here’s something to drive those Generations completists out there a little crazy! Cybergeeks Alliance have updated their Facebook page with an ad from Aeon retail stores in China for a Lucky Draw Silver Jetfire! The figure is the Generations Leader Class Jetfire figure decked out almost entirely in chrome. Weapons, robot, jet; everything is shiny! […]

Platinum Edition United Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction Autobot 5 Pack

Via the google+ site of Blacklai, we bring you a sampling of pictures of the Platinum Edition United Autobot 5 Pack from Transformers 4 Age of Extinction.  These figures have received the deluxe treatment when it comes to paint apps; far more vibrant than the standard releases.  Enjoy the gallery after the jump and find […]

Keith’s Fantasy Club – Transistor & Cassettes Revealed

From the wonders of social media comes news of a new release by KFC, a.k.a Keith’s Fantasy Club.  Via the Facebook page of Harris Loureiro Films  we get the first test shots of KFC’s new Transistor(a.k.a. Blaster) & cassettes.  This new figure is shown to stand toe-to-toe with Masterpiece Soundwave.  Check out the gallery after […]

Iacon Update – Cheets Tweaks Custom IDW Jhiaxus Plus, a Custom Neon Genesis Grimlock (AoE Grimlock Repaint) By Unluckiness!

Just a quick update on some of the many things going on in The Iacon Art Gallery this week! Today our featured art will be a Cheets Tweaks Custom of IDW Jhiaxus while our other featured art is a cutsom AoE Grimlock painted in the colors of Unit-01 (the remake version) from Neon Genesis Evangelion […]

How to Dechrome Generations Leader Jetfire

The chrome that Hasbro added to the weapons and jet pack on their version of Generations Leader Class Jetfire has been met with a mixed reaction by the fans. There is good news though if you’re one of those that doesn’t like it – and it doesn’t involve importing the Takara Tomy version! All you […]

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