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Newsletter October 26, 2016 TF UNITE WARRIORS UW-EX BALDIGUS UW-EX Baldigus is a five-piece combiner bot with the figure Mega Octane as the main torso piece. Armorhide, Rollbar, Mover, and Rotor make up the arms and legs and can be attached in any position that you wish. This figure includes combiner feet, hands, and connector pieces as well as personal […]

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Updated Pictures of Takara’s UW-EX Baldigus / Ruination


  Check out this latest pics of Baldigus / Ruination. Thanks to TakaraTomy Mall we now have pictures of both air and land modes as well as photos of each individual figure. Notably Baldigus features the dedicated hands and feet from Combiner Wars Computron rather than the standard Hand / Foot / Gun components. Dolrailer also features Unite Warriors Scattershot’s […]

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Sponsor News: TFsource News! DX9, ToyWorld Coneheads, Titans Return & MakeToys Restock & More!


TFsource News! DX9, ToyWorld Coneheads, Titans Return & MakeToys Restock & More! NEW HOT PREORDERS: DX9 D10 Hanzo DX9 Toys – War in Pocket Figures ToyWorld – Conehead – TW-M02A Jets, TW-M02B Assault, and TW-M02C Elegy Transformers Legends Series – LG41 Leo Prime / Lio Convoy Fans Toys FT-19 – Apache – Machine Robo – MR-05 – Mixer Robo and […]

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“Hasbro Animated Classics Soundtrack Series” Official Announcement


Update: No firm release date yet but they are shooting for a 2nd Quarter 2017 target.   Earlier this year we told you about the upcoming release for the Transformers musical score by Robert J Walsh in conjunction with Hasbro and Sony Records. Today we’ve received an update and some additional information regarding this announcement. Thanks to Rob Walsh himself, […]

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BBTS Sponsor News – G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Mega Man, Batman, Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon & More


Newsletter October 19, 2016 BBTS SHARED EXCLUSIVES 50TH ANNIVERSARY G.I. JOE IN STOCK NOW! Celebrate 50 years of G.I. Joe with Hasbro’s Versus 2-packs and Squad 3-packs! Each articulated figure comes with a base and weapons. Collectors can grab Cobra Legion figures, Special Forces figures, and many more exclusive villains and heroes! NEW KOTOBUKIYA From Kotobukiya comes new Star Wars […]

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