Transformers Platinum Set Armada of Cyclonus Listings in Europe, USA Soon?


The Platinum Edition set known as Armada of Cyclonus, which includes Classics Cyclonus, Generations Scourge, and Generation Scourge with alternate head, has been found listed is up at Amazon Spain.  It appears they will be the exclusive retailer for that area of Europe and should be available within the next two weeks. It is priced at nearly 100 Euros (that’s about $115 […]

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Titans Returns Upcoming Figures Leaked?!


Thanks to Planet Iacon we have a look at some character art, deco sheets, and general lineup information for a slew of upcoming Hasbro Titans Returns figures.  The lineup includes: Deluxe Class Triggerhappy Doublecross Getaway Hot Rod (only as a concept) Voyager Class Optimus Prime (inspired by Star Convoy) Megatron (with Decepticon & Autobot faction logos) Unknown Sixshot Click here […]

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United Warriors UW-06 Grand Galvatron Photo Gallery


Transformers fan site Blacklai’s Toybase posted a massive in-hand gallery of the upcoming Unite Warriors set, UW-06 Grand Galvatron! This is by far the best gallery that has been posted to date showing off the upcoming TakaraTomy release.  We have mirrored his gallery below which feature great close-ups and comparison shots of each of the five members of the team to their Combiner […]

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Images of United Warriors Grand Galvatron Collector’s Coin


Robot Kingdom has taken to their website to show off images of the upcoming Grand Galvatron collectors coin. The coins have been released in the Asian market for several of the Takara-Tomy products, including the likes of Masterpiece Shockwave and Rodimus Prime.  For this release, the box appears to resemble Grand Galvatron’s chest plate with gray and red as the primary colors […]

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