First Images of Titans Return Astrotrain??


Thanks to Weibo user zmultiplier, it appears we have our first partial images of artwork for the upcoming Titans Return Astrotrain! This news should be a surprise to no one as a redeco of the Voyager class Sentinel Prime was certainly going to be Astrotrain. This is the first confirmation we’ve had of said repaint/remold.  The artwork appears to show the […]

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Very Lo-Res Images of Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus in Color


Hong Kong based retailer Robot Kingdom has uploaded some very low resolution and watermarked images of the upcoming Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus.  UW Bruticus is TakaraTomy’s release of Combiner Wars Bruticus, replacing the Slingshot redeco Blast Off with an all new space shuttle mode Blast Off.  Vortex also features a 4 bladed propeller, Swindle a different gun, and CW Brawl’s […]

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IDW Collection Compendium Preorder Revealed


Barnes and Noble’s website has revealed that there’s a pre-order available for “Transformers: The IDW Collection Compendium, Volume 1.”  Includes many of the early IDW stories into a 764 page book for $79.99.  So if the current Comixology Deep Dive sale and IDW bundles aren’t enough and you want a nice, crisp, actual book in the physical world, Barnes and […]

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Hyper Hobby / Mook Character Land Vol. 5 Transformers Scans – Masterpiece Optimus Primal


The Allspark has received Volume 5 of Hyper Hobby’s Hyper Mook Presents Character Land (that was a mouthful) and scanned the Transformers related scans for your viewing pleasure.  The main draw to this issue is 2 full pages dedicated to MP-31 Masterpiece Beast Wars Convoy (or Optimus Primal to most of the world).  The issue shows off the figures many […]

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