NYCC 2015 Titan Wars / Titans Return, Combiner Wars, & RID Photos

CQwARreUEAAaLnc.jpg large

Thanks to Cally Kari Shokka, we have news coming out from Hasbro’s pre-NYCC 2015 party.  At the event Hasbro unveiled some figures from their upcoming Titan Wars / Titans Return line and it’s a doozy!  Shown at the event are Leader class Blaster with Headmaster Twincast, Voyager size Galvatron with Nucleon Headmaster, Deluxe Skullcruncher, Deluxe Hardhead, Legends Stripes, and Headmaster […]

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New Robots In Disguise Electronic Starscream Toy?


Rick Sellers, a voice actor who has worked with Hasbro on Transformers toys, has posted updates to his Facebook page that people may find interesting. After a post describing a job he has been working on for Hasbro, mentioning a new toy that couldn’t be named, he posted a video with what sounds to be the voice of Starscream! The toy, which he […]

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New Masterpiece Hot Rod Images!!

MP_Hot_ Rod6

More new images of the upcoming Masterpiece Hot Rod surfaced today thanks to AmiAmi. They show some basic images we’ve seen before, but these are the clearest versions of the pictures we’ve seen and they don’t have the “DO NOT COPY” watermark on them. Enjoy the photo gallery below and join in the conversation about the upcoming Masterpiece figures here! […]

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Official Images of Clash Of The Transformers Warrior Megatronus and More


Hasbro Pulse is showing off some high resolution images of the Warrior Class toys from the exclusive “Clash Of The Transformers” sub-line. We’ve seen most of these before, however, these are the highest res images we’ve seen of Warrior Megatronus.  Might we see the actual toy at NYCC this year?  Tune into the Allspark for NYCC coverage to find out!

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TakaraTomy Legends Nightbird and Slipstream in Package

CQiomSbU8AQglip.jpg large

TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out some new images of the upcoming Transformers Legends LG-15 Nightbird and LG-16 Slipstream figures in their packaging.  Each figure is also posed alongside their packaged counterpart, so you can get a good idea of how the final figure will look.  The two figures along with LG-17 Blackarachnia are due for release on October […]

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Richard Newman to appear at TFCon 2015 in Charlotte


TFCon has announced yet another guest to their impressive lineup for their 2015 convention in Charlotte, NC being held October 16-18th. Richard Newman, the voice of Rhinox from the Beast Wars series! Here’s what they had to say about the announcement: TFcon is proud to announce that Richard Newman will now be appearing as a guest at this years convention […]

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Roll Call Roll Out Summary – BotCon 2016 Exclusive Ravage & TCC Ramjet Revealed!


The folks of the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club / BotCon are currently at the UK event Roll Call Roll Out, and they’ve been dropping hints of what’s to come from BotCon and the TCC in the future.  Here is a summary of what was discussed at the Club / BotCon panel!  Also revealed were mockups of BotCon 2016 Ravage as […]

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