Very Lo-Res Images of Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus in Color


Hong Kong based retailer Robot Kingdom has uploaded some very low resolution and watermarked images of the upcoming Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus.  UW Bruticus is TakaraTomy’s release of Combiner Wars Bruticus, replacing the Slingshot redeco Blast Off with an all new space shuttle mode Blast Off.  Vortex also features a 4 bladed propeller, Swindle a different gun, and CW Brawl’s […]

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IDW Collection Compendium Preorder Revealed


Barnes and Noble’s website has revealed that there’s a pre-order available for “Transformers: The IDW Collection Compendium, Volume 1.”  Includes many of the early IDW stories into a 764 page book for $79.99.  So if the current Comixology Deep Dive sale and IDW bundles aren’t enough and you want a nice, crisp, actual book in the physical world, Barnes and […]

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Hyper Hobby / Mook Character Land Vol. 5 Transformers Scans – Masterpiece Optimus Primal


The Allspark has received Volume 5 of Hyper Hobby’s Hyper Mook Presents Character Land (that was a mouthful) and scanned the Transformers related scans for your viewing pleasure.  The main draw to this issue is 2 full pages dedicated to MP-31 Masterpiece Beast Wars Convoy (or Optimus Primal to most of the world).  The issue shows off the figures many […]

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