Andrew Windman’s Transformers Universe Sketchbook on Patreon

Andrew Wildman

Prolific and famed penciller of the old Marvel Transformers series (as well as many others) Andrew Wildman has started a Patreon. He will be drawing every Transformer from the old Marvel Transformers Universe series as chronicled in 1986’s “The Transformers Universe” miniseries. His sketch of Afterburner is free but you will need to contribute to see the rest as they […]

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Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker Announced!


TakaraTomy Mall will be carrying a new Masterpiece exclusive, limited to only 2,000 pieces, MP-11T Thundercracker!  MP-11T Thundercracker is similar to the previous other versions of MP-11 (MP-11, MP-11S, MP-11A, and MP-11SW) as he’s a cartoon based version of one of the cartoon Seekers using the new MP-11 mold.  Thundercracker is done up in light blue and black similar to […]

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Figure King #210 Transformers Scans – Unite Warriors Devastator, Masterpiece Ironhide, Diaclone Revival Diabattles


The Allspark has received the latest issue of Figure King magazine and provided the Transformers (and Diaclone) related material for your viewing pleasure.  In this issue we have a two page spread of Unite Warriors UW-04 Devastator (Devastar in Japan).  The issue shows off his height compared to Unite Warriors Superion and Menasor as well as focusing on each individual […]

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