Transformers Official Instagram Account Launches with New Photos of Titans Returns Fortress Maximus


Briefly mentioned at the Toy Fair event yesterday and now a reality, Transformers has their own official Instagram account.  To start off their Instagram account off with a bang, they’ve included some new photos of the Titans Returns Titan Class Fortress Maximus!  The image shows off the almost 2 feet tall figure in robot mode as well as his Titan […]

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Titans Return Fortress Maximus Revealed at Toy Fair 2016

Maximus City

We reported earlier on a number of features revealed about Titans Returns Fortress Maximus, including his lights, sounds, transforming sound when Cerebros is removed, that the new name for Spike is now Emissary, that other Leader Class Titans Return figures can connect with him, that he has a city mode, a battle station mode, and a jail.  Now:  there are […]

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New Periscope Video Reveals Glimpses of New Toys at Toy Fair 2016

ToyFair 2016 Periscope Grab

Our new Periscope Video from Toy Fair 2016 reveals glimpses of new toys in the showroom, including Astrotrain in Red and Orange, Powermaster Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus, Blurr, Chromedome, Rewind, Blaster, Soundwave, and surely some others.  See what you can see while you wait with us for the photos to start coming in!  Read on for the link and to […]

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Combiner Wars Computron Mold Selection Fully Revealed!


After several teases and the recent full reveal of the colored artwork, we finally have an image of the prototype / concept for Combiner Wars Computron.  The image shows a combination of existing toys and prototypes to convey figure selections make up the combiner.  In the image we see the body will be the same Scattershot released at retail (though […]

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New In-Hand Images of Takara-Tomy TAV37 Megatronus


Taking to twitter, Takara-Tomy’s Hisashi Yuki has posted new images of the soon to be released Transformers Adventure TAV37 Megatronus! In comparison shots posted with the Toys R’ Us Exclusive Clash of the Transformer’s version of the mold, you will see that Takara has really kicked up the paint detailing!  See the pictures below and join in the discussion about this figure […]

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